Jul 2, 2012

Mailbox Invaders from the Cosmic Ark

 What better way to celebrate the 200th post than with some blogger goodwill?
For those playing along at home, AEIOU will also be a year old in 16 days!

A few weeks ago fellow pop culture blogger jboypacman posted some pics of his minifigure army on his site, Revenge from the Cosmic Ark. I commented that I'd have to track down one of the Character Builder astronauts to go with my Doctor Who minifigs (also made by the same company).

Jboy kindly offered to send me one of his spares and initially asked for nothing in return. A few days later he asked if I'd pick up and ship a couple of the sodas I'd been blogging about, which I was more than happy to do!

Here's the astronaut with my Doctor Who figs...and a few friends. While it's not part of the Doctor Who line, it fits in just fine as the Unknown Astronaut that assassinates the Doctor.

What I've failed to mention thus far is the size of the box he arrived in. It was much too big for such a small figure. Little did I know before opening, Jboy sent some extra goodies my way! There's nothing like opening a box you don't know the contents of!

An Avengers skateboard, MegaBlocks Spider-Man, a couple of Deck Dudes, a Character Builder knight, a stack of Weird-Ohs trading cards, a Hot Wheels Ecto-1 and a couple of Heroics figures. (not pictured) LEGO Statue of Liberty

But that was not all! 
At the bottom of the box, shrouded in bubble wrap something larger lurked. 
What I found was this beauty...
Bad photographer! Forgot to put something in for scale. It's about 9" long.
If you're having the same reaction I did, you're saying "Whoooaa, cool! But what is it?" It is the UFO Master Blaster Station (1979) by Bambino. I'd never heard of this toy but there is something about an LED display and that particular white plastic that just zaps you back to the 70s' regardless. 

According to the manual it was the world's smallest color graphic display and the first electronic computer game with a microprocessor! It's a pretty fun retro gaming experience. You have 80 seconds to shoot down as many UFOs as possible, with 99 being the top score.

The UFOs descend down one of  three "lanes" toward your missile base. You get more points the higher up the UFO is when you blast it. Of course, you can only have one missile at a time but you can guide it between the lanes to your target. There's 3 difficulty levels but I haven't tried the hardest one yet. Here's a gameplay video from YouTube.

Pretty exciting, huh? I love old school electronic games.
A huge thanks to Jboy for sending all this extra cool stuff my way!


  1. Am glad you liked everything Dex and i can't wait to taste those sodas when they arrive! And now i must find me some of those little Cyber-Men and Daleks from Doctor Who they would be a great fit here on the Cosmic Ark. : )

  2. Happy almost first anniversary. Bambino toys?!?!?! Sounds made up :-p