Jul 9, 2012

Mail Order Monday - The Stuff Little Boys Dream Of

comic book ad switchblade knife frankenstein skeleton monster bb gun x-ray specs
Ad from 1971 comic
Seriously, what more could a young lad want out of life? 
Monsters, a secret stash, karate, guns, knives and superpowers!

That's an actual switchblade, not a switchblade comb! What were they thinking?

The two guns appear identical in description, not sure why the PPK costs a quarter more.


  1. I still want one of those montsers!

  2. Am with Ron R. I want those Monsters too!

  3. I've seen pictures of them. They're pretty much posters but on a trash bag-like backing instead of paper.

  4. I remember wanting that switchblade. Theres no way that was a good knife! I'd like to see what they were really like!!