Jul 30, 2012

Mail Order Monday - Time to Get Medeival

Medieval War Machine toy mail order Honor House 1956
Medieval War Machine toy (1956)
The days of hard fighting, bitter battles...and poor personal hygiene.

By no means am I an expert of medieval war machines, but I can't say I've ever seen one designed like this. I'm familiar with the standard seige weapons: catapult, ballista and trebuchet. Don't let anyone tell you playing D&D isn't somewhat educational, kids. I know this is only a toy but unless there is some unseen way to adjust the angle of the spear it doesn't seem like there's much control over it except maybe how hard it launches. And if you're flinging giant metal spears, you probably want them going as fast as possible.

This ad really sells the catapult as the be-all, end-all weapon to destroy all your enemies. If you're fighting an enemy that is going to be wiped out by this one siege weapon, you probably didn't need it in the first place. Maybe figures back inthe '50s would get flattened by it, but the figures of the '80s would probably burn it to the tabletop.

They could have at least included some paper targets or plastic figures. On the other hand, what more could you want for $1.25 other than something to torment the family pet and/or siblings from across the room?

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  1. I'm amused by the 10 day free trial offered here. :) I guess if it wasn't quite the killing machine you expected, it could be returned. Haha! I agree, how much is required at that price? You just know this contraption was used in annoying whole families!