Mar 1, 2017

Monthly Movie Recap - February 2017

Well, that was a quick month, wasn't it? 

I wrapped up Season 2 of Voltron and what a finale! I'm really glad I decided to give this a look since all I knew about it before was there are five lions that combine into a giant robot.

Also on Netflix, started Santa Clarita Diet and am LOVING it.
Funny and gory/gross? Yes, please!

What have you been watching? Let me know in the comments!

Everything is still awesome in the LEGO-verse! This was just a ton of fun. Kids will love it because it's LEGO and Batman, adults will appreciate the Bat-history and jokes. I've seen some people not liking the fact that the movie crosses into the wider LEGO-verse but I thought it was great.

Cool: Egghead cameo! All the Bat-references.
Lame: The only thing I didn't love in this movie was the Joker. That should never be a thing. You should never walk out of any Batman movie and think Joker was meh.

Rating: 9/10

Super (2010, Netflix)
The trailer makes it look a lot more humorous than it is. Not that it's not funny, because it is but it's more of a dark humor. I really like James Gunn's different takes on the superhero genre. If someone in the real world got it in their head to play Deadpool, it would be this movie.

Cool: You laugh but sometimes you're not sure if you should be
Lame: Being a real world superhero with no powers? Not fun.

Rating: 7/10

Finding Dory (2016, Netflix)
Pretty typical Pixar movie: beautiful to look at, fun for kids of all ages, and it has some emotional beats to it. Of course, when I say "typical Pixar" what I mean is it's standing above most "regular" movies.

Cool: Gerald the sea lion might be my new favorite Pixar character
Lame: No complaints here!

Rating: 8/10

Kill Command (2016, Netflix)
The trailer pretty much tells you everything you need to know. What it lacks in story or sci-fi ethical dilemmas it makes up for in action. I guess I was expecting something more Black Mirror and less straight horror movie in its stylings.

Cool: Plenty of action
Lame: The horror movie-like ending

Rating: 6/10

Month Total
 New: 4  Rewatch:0

Year Total
 New: 9  Rewatch: 1


  1. When I first saw the trailers for Super I wanted to see it immediately. It looked so funny. Then people started getting bashed in with wrenches, and I found myself enjoying the film for a different reason. Like you said...You laugh, but you're not sure you should be.

  2. I enjoyed Dwight Schrute in Super. Took the kids to the drive in to see Finding Dory and we all enjoyed it! Really want to see Lego Batman, maybe this weekend?



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