May 1, 2016

Monthly Movie Recap - April 2016

Welcome back for another movie month in review. And check out that snazzy logo, huh? I figured it was about time I tossed something together so that when I post to social media there's some kind of image to entice people to click it.

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Jurassic City (2015)
Barely on par with your average SyFy Original Movie. I don't expect much of a plot but there has to be a better way to get a few sorority girls into a correctional facility than for a DUI charge. Also not sure why the dinos are being brought there, but to be honest, I wasn't giving it my full attention because it was so ho-hum.

Cool: I love Ray Wise but even he can't make this much fun
Lame: Mostly takes place in a prison and doesn't take on the titular city until the end

Rating: 3/10

Seeing BvS made me realize I'd fallen behind on my DC animated movies!

Batman vs Robin (2015)
Continuing the story from Son of Batman, lil Damien starts getting rebellious and falls in with the Court of Owls. I've been wanting to read the Court of Owls story but never got around to it. They managed to fit it in here but even without knowing about it, it feels like a lot may have been left out.

Cool: Seeing this may finally get me to pick up the comics
Lame: Damien is still a character I love to hate

Rating: 7/10

Batman: Bad Blood (2016)
I really like that DC is establishing an animated movie universe. This one opens up the Bat Family bringing in Batwing and Batwoman (Kate Kane) who, along with Damien and Nightwing dressed as Batman, have to rescue a captive Bruce Wayne.

Cool: More villains than you can shake a batarang at
Lame: Just like the live action, I don't like it when they kill off any of the bad guys

Rating: 7/10

The Boss (2016)
Not as many laugh out loud moments as you might expect but it was good. The plot is nothing new but it's the actors that make it fun to watch. I didn't know Tyler Labine and Peter Dinklage were in this!

Cool: Dinklage absolutely steals all his scenes. The troop vs troop girl brawl in the streets.
Lame: Melissa McCarthy...again, funny but playing pretty much the same character she always does. I really hope she does something different in Ghostbusters.

Rating: 6/10

#Horror (2016, Netflix)
When I found this on Netflix, I challenged myself to watch it. I mean, how many movies have # in the title? There's a really good story at its core, but I feel like it's a little hampered by the girls being pre-teens. If these were older girls and the script was tweaked, this could be a Scream for the social media generation.

Cool: I really like the plot idea of exploring cyberbullying. I thought most of the girls were really good in this for being so young.
Lame: I can't tell if this is supposed to be serious or satire at times and that makes it hard for me to figure out how much I enjoyed it. When the girls tag photos they use a hashtag at the start and end of the words...why?

Rating: 5/10

C.H.U.D II: Bud the C.H.U.D. (1989)
Straight to video PG zom-com. It's funny, but in a so bad it's almost good way. I got a very strong Return of the Living Dead vibe from it despite it not being a lot more tame. Almost like it could exist in the same universe. Also got a very strong Brendan Frasier/Encino Man vibe from Bud.

Cool: Plenty of familiar faces like Norman Fell, June Lockheart, and Robert Vaughn
Lame: Needs more gore! No C.H.U.D. creatures.

Rating: 5/10

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Did you see anything good this month?
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