Dec 3, 2012

SLUG Holiday Zombies - Hungry Humbug

The fine folks at Jakks Pacific unleashed a holiday themed surprise for all us SLUG Zombies fans in the form of four holiday themed 3-packs. I believe they are exclusive to Target. For some reason it seems they're being stocked with the regular SLUG Zombies and not in the seasonal section where you normally find the stocking stuffer toys.

I'd been checking several local stores for them since I heard about them a few weeks ago. Then last week I decided to go on a little road trip to hunt for them. I was also traveling to the closest WalMart Supercenter to look for the limited Gingerbread Oreos as well (found those too!). Now that I've gone an hour away to get these, I imagine they'll show up locally soon!

SLUG Zombie logo holiday christmas jakks pacific

Each of the 3-packs has two zombies and one human/hunter in it. The human figures have been previously released so you're only getting two brand new figures per pack. But believe me when I say the new figs are totally worth it!

First up is Hungry Humbug. He comes packed with Nutty Nate and Captain Payback.

Jakks Pacific SLUG Zombies holiday 2012 hungry humbug scrooge

Previous Job: Millionaire
Likes: None
Dislikes: The Ghost of Christmas Future
Favorite Food: Shepherd's Thigh

Looks like this Scrooge took a bite to his right forearm. Could it have been from Tiny Tim?

I'll be bringing you the remaining SLUG Holiday Zombies throughout Creepmas, so stay tuned!

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  1. I was lucky to find all four packs over the weekend at Target. I really like the reindeer and the elf!



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