Sep 14, 2012

Predasaurs RAWR!

I've been relentlessly hunting for the latest wave of LEGO minifigs with no luck. After hitting so many stores, I start to get the itch to buy something, so I dropped a couple bucks on the latest blind bagged thing to hit Target's collectibles area...Predasaurs!

Predasaur Pachymegasaurus

What's a Predasaur you ask? Why it's know what? I'm not going to retype all the crazy, here's a scan of the pamphlet it comes with. Go ahead and click that bad boy to read the story, I'll wait for you.

Predasaurs story

So yeah...Predasaurs are genetically mutated dinosaurs...with WEAPONS! You wouldn't think Dinosaurs..excuse me, genetically mutated dinosaurs, would need weapons. I sure hope none of them got the T-Rex arm DNA!

On the other side of that is a checklist of all 25 Predasaurs including the rare Vulltarex, the mightiest Predasaur of all! You also get a game card of your dino which shows the two dinosaurs it gets its DNA from, but doesn't name these dinosaurs on the card. C'mon, give the kids some education! The card also has your beast's stats for Weapon, Bite, Claws and Armor. As you can read in the game description above, it's very similar to Top Trumps, or War for those not familiar with that UK game.

One thing that's kinda cool is the "hand' has a slot in it that a tab on the weapon fits into allowing him to "hold" it. Oh and how did I fail to mention the giant teeth they all have GLOW IN THE DARK! Yep, that's about as exciting as they get. I guess if you want to have lots of mini mutant dinosaurs rampaging on your desk/workstation, pick a few up.

It's genetically mutated dinosaur season!


  1. Oh these look very cool. I'll have to keep an eye out.

  2. These are pretty neat! I might have to pick one or two up for fun.

  3. I was wondering what these were all about when I saw the packs at Target. may have to grab one myself.



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