Sep 3, 2012

New Stuff - A Ghost & The Grid

Here's a couple of new things I've picked up over the weekend. 

First is a new Monster Hunters LEGO set! Target has started stocking for Halloween but the shelves are maybe about 50% empty still. At first I thought $4 for this mini set was pricey but then remembered that the blind bagged figures go for $3-$4, so this isn't bad since you get the clock with a glow-in-the-dark ghost.

He'd be a great addition to the Monster Fighter Haunted House which is now available for order through LEGO Shop at Home.

Next up is something I stumbled on while doing an image search for my Tron Kubricks post.

bicycle The Grid playing cards inspired by Tron

When I followed the image for the cards, it went to a Kickstarter page which had since successfully ended. But a little Google-Fu brought me to eBay where I was able to buy the deck. These aren't "official" Tron playing cards but are definitely inspired by the aesthetic. The one with the two white circles is showing what the card back design.


  1. Cute ghost! Are both of these pieces for putting in a haunted house? They might be related to one another in a way I don't understand. Maybe as the clock strikes midnight, the ghosts appear? ;)

    1. Around any holiday time, Lego will release a small bagged set around $4 for gift giving, usually a figure and a small vehicle or accessory. All that's in this set is the ghost and the clock. I think it's just the general association of grandfather clocks, tolling midnight, and haunted houses.

      The clock face is a piece on its own so you could actually put it on the clock one of four ways. I of course had to put it so it was approaching midnight ;-)

  2. Am heading to Target this coming weekend now! I want this Lego set.