Sep 18, 2012

Announcing: The Great Pumpkin Gift Exchange!

Last year around Halloween I ran a contest and gave away lots of monstery books. I may still have another Halloween giveaway this year but right now something else has popped into my brain...
The Great Pumpkin Gift Exchange!

What is it? It's me being crazy and trying to coordinate some Halloween fun for everyone. It's going to work like Secret Santa. You sign up, get randomly assigned to send and receive a Halloween-y gift in the mail.

If you want to join in the fun, click the link under the header that says Great Pumpkin Gift Exchange. Or if you're super lazy, just click that link. Please be sure to read everything there, all the details are there. At least, I think I covered everything!

This can't happen without people signing up so if you can help spread the word across the social internets, it will only help everyone that participates.


  1. Love this idea. Count me in! I'll spread the word on my blog, too.

  2. Me too! (I mean I'm in too and will spread the word...too. Sheesh, I should have just lead with that, I would have typed less!)

  3. Awwww YEAH! I'm in! This is awesomeness times a gazillion!

  4. What a kick-ass concept Dex!! Totally down for this. :)

  5. It's going to be rad. I have my childhood woobie ready in hand in case I get sleepy in the Patch...

  6. Wish i could be in this one this year Dex but am going to have to pass due to a major purchase am trying to add to my collection so any extra cash i have is going towards that am sorry to say.