Jun 12, 2024

Star Wars Hunters Mobile Game

 Launched last week on June 4th, Star Wars Hunters is a free-to-play, squad based 4 vs 4 game for iOS, Android, and Switch. Between the various game modes, playable characters, and customization options to unlock, there's plenty to keep you busy!

I didn't know if I was going to be into this initially but I always check out new Star Wars games. I haven't had great experiences with shooter type games like this on mobile in the past but after a couple rounds to get my virtual footing, I was really enjoying it! 
Check out the trailer

At launch, there are 12 different Hunters you can play...once you unlock them. You'll start with bounty hunter Imara Vex (my favorite so far). As you play and complete quests, you earn points on the hunters track which allows you to unlock more characters. Of course there are also Hunter bundles available for cash purchase if you just can't wait to unlock a specific Hunter.
Like similar games, there is a season battle pass (called Arena Pass here) that you can pay for which gives you even more rewards as you play. Most of the premium rewards are in game currency or some type of customization cosmetic but it does include one exclusive Mandalorian Hunter. Each Arena Pass will have a new exclusive Hunter and I imagine when the new pass starts, the exclusive from the previous one will be available some way.

The Hunters are what really make the game, even if some drift a little more towards the silly side of the Force. Each Hunter has their own set of moves and an ultimate ability. Hunters earn Fame when you play them which is used to level them up and improve their powers. You can also win Fame as a reward and choose the Hunter to assign it to.

Utooni is actually two Jawas working as one character! Their ultimate has them riding around in an armored car built from scrap with what looks like a mini-Death Star laser on it.

And J-ED1 is a...Jedi droid? Yep, that's right! He has a fun move where he extend an arm to grab someone to pull them into lightsaber range.

The action takes place in arenas in some familiar settings like Tatooine, Endor, and even on the Death Star! In addition to watching out for opposing players, there are also environmental hazards like the train above. The first time I encountered one was pretty surprising as I unknowingly stepped into the path of speeding Podracers on Tatooine. Ohh, that's what the red lines on the ground mean!

There are four main game modes ranging from straight up elimination, capture the droid (flag) and a couple variations on keeping control of a scoring area. There's also a training level where you can take a Hunter for a spin (even ones you don't own!).

The matches are usually around 5 minutes so you can pick up a quick game when you want. It can be a little tricky when you want to use a specific Hunter for a quest or to level them up because each Hunter can only appear once on your team so you have to be quick on the select screen.
The character and level designs are very well done and definitely put you in the Star Wars galaxy. I don't know if I'll stick with the game long term but for now I'm very much enjoying it. There is a "social" aspect where you can squad up with your buddies. I don't play on any kind of regular basis but feel free to look me up under DEX-1138.

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