Apr 17, 2024

Star Wars Doorables

 Disney is at it again with their successful Doorables line of tiny, cute versions of beloved characters but this time, they're off to a galaxy far, far away.

I haven't gone too far into Doorables in the past but I do have the Nightmare Before Christmas and Haunted Mansion sets. I've picked up an occasional impulse buy when I see the assortment contains characters I want to get...never do end up with the ones I was hoping for.

But with the Star Wars license, there's not any character I wouldn't want! Doorables are a blind pack series so you never know what you're getting. Unless you go online and look up the codes that people have figured out that tell you what's in each pack. Mrs Dex thinks that's cheating but I call it targeted acquisition.
There's a few different options, so let's pop open one of these Death Star balls first. 

Each ball comes with four mystery figures. Naturally, the figures have rarity levels: common, rare, and ultra rare. While you can use 'targeted acquisition' to capture your bounty, the fact that there are 25 figures in total still means you're going to get duplicates.

I do have extras of Leia, Lando, Wicket, Sabine, Grogu, Mando, and Bo-Katan if you're looking to trade any spares.

The halves of the Death Star can also be used as stackable display shelves.

This first wave focuses more on the Original Trilogy and Disney+ shows. Some of them may have appeared in the prequels, but there are no prequel specific characters...yet. We know how these things go, future waves are inevitable.

For being around an inch tall, they cram a lot of details into these figures. When I first saw the figures way back when, I wasn't a big fan of the glitter-eyes but they've kind of grown on me over time.

There's also a really fun Galactic Cruisers line.

These only have one figure but come with a vehicle. They could have just gone for standard adaptations of the vehicles but they put a little extra bit of character in them. Each one has a fun little thing on the back, like Luke's landspeeder having containers of blue milk. Each of these figures are unique to their set so if you want every figure, you have to get all the Cruisers too. The vehicles have a little peg and all the figures (even the ones that don't come with a vehicle) have a hole in the feet. It's not going to keep them in there if you decide to relive your Star Wars: Demolition days. I'm sure there's like two people out there that will get that reference!

 For Vader, they did this weird hybrid landspeeder/TIE Fighter thing but it kind of works. There are only 10 Cruisers to collect. They have the same rarities as the figures, but there's also a fourth called Special Edition. Only one in the set has this designation. And yes, there are codes for these you can find online too.

There's a third product called Puffable Plush (affiliate link) which I haven't seen in stores yet but have seen for other Disney characters. These are 10" tall puffy, floppy figures that come in classic Leia, Chewie, and Vader flavors.

The Death Star ball of four and the Cruisers are $9.99 MSRP each and so far I've only found them in Target. I probably won't collect the entire series but there's still a few out there I need to add to the collection. I'm sure there will be new waves and I'm excited to see what's next.


  1. These are pretty cool. Looks like a lot of fun.

  2. Now I need to get some. My middle school chorus class would love to see them on my desk.