Jan 19, 2022

Glyan Armored Orphan - Glyos Figure

 Last Sunday, Onell Design had a mini-drop of their latest Glyos compatible figures. It's not hard to see where the latest inspiration came from.

That's right, it's...the "legally distinct, definitely not Boba Fett" Armored Orphan! Like most of their releases, he comes with extra heads and some bonus parts to change up his look. There's a cool ammo belt/bandolier he has which I completely forgot to use in my pics but you can see it on the Onell site.

I really like that they included the jetpack and kama (skirt).

 I also appreciate the extra design work in the kama. It didn't need all the crazy lines but it looks really cool!

Here's a different head/gear combo.

Another head that reminds me a lot of Master Chief. These are actually the front and back of the same head piece.

Onell still has this in stock at their store if you want to grab one. There's also a Quarrian Commando which is almost the exact same stuff but in white/gray. It looks snazzy as heck!

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