Jul 28, 2021

Star Wars Black Series - Jaxxon

You can keep your Bucky O'Hare, because the original green space rabbit is here! 

Jaxxon, whose first appearance was in Marvel's Star Wars issue 8 in 1978, has finally been immortalized in plastic as part of Lucasfilm's 50 year celebration. I'm not usually one to care about action figure packaging but I love the way this was done. It's really has a VHS box vibe to it. There are grayscale images of him around the sides of the box taken from his recent appearance in the Star Wars Adventures comic. If you're celebrating 50 years of Lucasfilm, why not throw in something from his original Marvel Comics days?
The front opens so you can see Jaxxon though a plastic window.
I've been waiting 40+ years for this figure, he ain't staying in the box!

He comes with twin blaster pistols and plenty of articulation! The suit is matches his modern appearance quite well. Honestly, the OG design was pretty minimal and this fits in with the other Star Wars flight suits with some additional chest and shoulder armor pieces. The holsters on his suit also hold the blasters which is always a nice bonus. 

The face is...okay I guess. We don't have anything other than comic books to compare it to. I can't not see the live action Grinch around the snout though.

Like I mentioned, he's got all sorts of articulation from rocker ankles to wrist joints.

Tried my best to recreate a classic comic pose. 
I probably should have tried the Crane Kick pose!

 Maybe now that Marvel and Star Wars are owned by Disney we can finally get this crossover?

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