Apr 21, 2021

Star Wars Rebels Playing Cards

 Since I showed of the Black Series Zeb figure last week and these were sitting by in a pile of Christmas loot that still needs to be sorted out, enjoy these Rebels playing cards! I also have a Star Wars post planned for next week, so why not keep it rolling until May the 4th? I do observe May the 4th but being a devout Star Wars fanatic, still hold true May 25th as the high holy day.

I don't think I have this deck already but it was released in 2017 so I could be wrong. In addition to the standard tuck box, it was also released in a collectible tin. The tins are great but not being standard box size, they can be a pain to store with your other cards.

With a 2017 release, I'd guess these came at the tail end of Season 3 so they had plenty of episodes to pick the subjects that would go in this set. There are no duplicate images among the 55 cards, which is always a bonus in my book. The tibidees (middle Joker) look like they came from the How to Train Your Dragon universe.

The pip cards, or 2-10, have various characters and vehicles from the series. Back when the series debuted, some people didn't like the art style because it was different than Clone Wars but it never bothered me. Especially because they took a lot of inspiration from Ralph McQuarrie's concept art from the original movies.

The cards have a glossy finish and seem like they got an coating of anti-friction something or other because they're pretty slick to the touch.

The court cards, J-A, are a bit different. Every Ace features a different image of the Inquisitor. Jacks are always Ezra. The Kings and Queens are Kanan and Hera (Red) or Zeb and Sabine (Black). Chopper has his own pip card and shares another with Ezra. I guess he wasn't important enough to rank in the face cards. They could have split the Jacks with him and Ezra but I don't mind. Chopper is my least favorite member of the Ghost crew. Direct all hate mail to the comments.

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