Apr 14, 2021

Star Wars Black Series - Zeb Orrelios

 Zeb Orrelios may not have been a Jedi or the ruler of Mandlaore series but he has always been my favorite member of the crew over the course of the Rebles animated series. For whatever reason, he is only available online, while I've seen other deluxe (ie: more expensive) figures collect dust in stores. The plus side to that is not having to hunt him down.

He comes with his Lasan Honor Guard AB-75 Bo-Rifle, which is a combo bo staff/rifle. I know this from watching the show but if you were someone who happened on the figure and picked it up because it looked cool, you probably wouldn't know his weapon transforms. And to be honest, I didn't realize it either until I looked up photos of him online. Before doing that, I did try to take off the effects on the staff end but was worried they weren't supposed to come off and that I might break it.

The only downside to converting the weapon back and forth is that sliding the body to expand/shrink it seems to be scratching the paint. If you look reeeeally close in the middle under the top handle, you can see a bit of silver there.

A transformable weapon isn't the only neat thing this figure has to offer. There's a couple of holes on his back that pegs on the rifle plug into so he can carry it on his back.

And they did an amazing job on his legs/feet. He's got those back bent knees and they did an impressive job translating that into the figure. I had no problems getting him to stand with the rocker ankles. All the poses you see here are him standing on his own.

He's a deluxe figure, which means they're charging a little more than the usual Black Series $20 price point. And this is likely because he's a bigger figure. I'm glad they stuck with keeping him true to scale. He just wouldn't be the same if they cut him down to 6".

They did a fantastic job with his coloration, skin patterns and armor details. My only small complaint with him is the coloration where the hip swivel is. Above that, the paint is glossy, and below it it's flat which results in slightly different colors. Not a huge deal and really the only "bad" thing I can say about him. If you're a fan of Rebels, you probably already jumped on him when it was announced. If you just like cool aliens, he's worth picking up.

You can grab him on Amazon for around $29.


  1. This is a great figure. I've never set up the whole crew yet since I finally nabbed him. Maybe this weekend.

    1. I managed to limit myself to my two favorite characters from the show..although Hera is very tempting.