Aug 28, 2019

Now Hear This - Dream Evil

Today I'll be introducing you to the band Dream Evil. If you came here thinking I was going to be discussing the 1987 Dio album, stick around you just might like this too as that's how the band got its name. Obviously, they have good taste.

In particular, I'm highlighting their 2004 release, The Book of Heavy Metal. I don't remember how I discovered this album but from the opening title track, it was a head banging good time. You'll know after the first track if this is for you. The guitar riffs and chorus are wickedly catchy.

Dream Evil is a Swedish power metal band that has been around since 1999 when they were originally called DragonSlayer. When it came time to release their first album, the record label didn't approve of their name so they decided to use that for the album title and change the band to Dream Evil.

They've put out six albums, the most recent in 2017 titled Six. I was going to include the video for The Book of Heavy Metal but after watching it, I changed my mind. First, it's a radio edit that messes with the flow of the original. Second, I thought the visuals might deter people from watching it. Not that it's anything graphic, it's just not good. You've been warned but it's here if you want.

If you want to give em a spin, start with the opening track. If you like that, check out Let's Make Rock, Crusader's Anthem, M.O.M., and Only for the Night. Unbreakable Chain is the requisite ballad but even that's heavy (for a ballad).

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