Apr 17, 2019

That Star Wars Trailer

By now, you've probably watched The Rise of Skywalker trailer a few hundred times, possibly even watched one of those "things you missed" videos to see if there was anything you missed. I'm not a fan of those, I poked fun at them when The Last Jedi trailer came out.

Where was I going with this? Oh yeah...Everyone must have trailer over exposure so why am I bothering to talk about it? One, I'd feel like a bad fan if I didn't. Two, you've watched the trailer but have you looked at it?

One of the things that really captured my eye in the trailer is the costume design. As boring as it may sound, this post is about clothes. There's a couple of non-trailer shots and comments based on Celebration panels to hopefully hold your interest.

Let's start with Rey.

Right now, we know is that this movie takes place "some time" after The Last Jedi. Rey's still got her original Jakku look with some updates.

One is that she added a hood to the tunic. Her simple outfit was already vaguely Jedi-like and I think the hood adds that much more to it.

She's also traded in the billowy desert pants for some that are more form fitting. I think it upgrades the original desert nomad look to something more swashbuckling. Although I am still a big fan of her look in The Last Jedi.

We finally get Poe into something other than a flight suit for most of the movie! Yes, everyone's comparing the look to Nathan Drake. I'm not saying it doesn't look pretty darn close but I am saying it's not that unique a look.

There's been plenty of speculation about the desert planet in the trailer. It doesn't quite have that Tatooine vibe to it but it would make sense to wrap things up there. During the Ep. 9 panel at Celebration JJ Abrams mentioned filming in Jordan which stood in for Jedha in Rogue One. Of course, it could just be a new desert too.

John Boyega was very excited to have his own look in this movie. Almost any Celebration interview he mentions those blue pants. He's also traded in Poe's jacket for a new one.

One of the things I'm really excited about is they've said the gang will all be together for this adventure. I'm looking forward to seeing Poe and Finn bro out. Although there was no sign of R2 in the teaser, we know he'll show up somewhere. I just hope they give him something to do other than a glorified cameo.

During the Ep 9 panel, we got to meet newcomer Naomi Ackie who's playing a character named Jannah. She's not in the trailer and there wasn't much given away about her role. Of course theories are flying that she's Lando's daughter and I have to admit they do seem to have a similar fashion sense.

Lando had better have some kind of reunion with L3 on the Falcon...

If you're like me and couldn't attend Celebration this weekend, the Star Wars YouTube channel has hours of coverage including the Ep 9, Clone Wars, and Mandalorian panels plus celeb interviews.

What did you think of the trailer?
What's got you excited? That Yavin medal? The Death Star ruins?


  1. Still to vague (to be expected) to have a feeling of which way it will go, but I am still excited. And very excited about Lando. He's become a favorite over the years.

    1. I'm very interested to see how they'll bring him back to the story!