Apr 1, 2019

Monthly Movie Recap - March 2019

Yes, it's April Fools Day.
No, there are no lame internet jokes here.

Love, Death, and Robots (Netflix): I've watched 12 of the 18 shorts that make up this animated anthology series and just about every one of them is at least an A if not A+. Highly recommended for fans of scifi in the vein of Heavy Metal (the movie and/or magazine).

I couldn't find a trailer so here's the opening scene of this crazy movie. I also can't accurately describe it, so here's the summary from Amazon: "A girl's life cascades into chaos as her schoolmates suffer gruesome and increasingly bizarre acts of fate, including a deadly wind, machine gun teachers and a pig in a tuxedo holding a knife."
If these two things don't grab your interest, there's nothing more I can say. It's a wild journey as you discover just what the hell is going on alongside the main character.

Rating: 7/10

Are you a high school student that's never seen The Craft? Then have I got a movie for you! If you are not a teenager or, more importantly, have seen The Craft you can skip this one and your life will be about 90 minutes richer. This movie has two things going for it: a shooting location that actually looks like Salem MA and Paget Brewster, who's not in the movie very much.

Rating: 3/10

Captain Marvel (2019, IMAX)
It's not up there with the great MCU movies but it lands stongly at the top of the really good ones. It was a fun sci-fi adventure and if I could, I would have watched it immediately again. I cannot wait to see her in Endgame!

Rating: 7/10

This whole thing felt like a very 90s slasher flick. It's not terrible, it just doesn't really go above and beyond in any area. If you're looking for something with teens in a secluded location getting offed one by one, this is that kind of movie.

Rating: 5/10

Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween (2018, Redbox)
I had a good time with the first movie so I figured if you can do that and add Halloween to it, it's worth checking out. It felt like a bit too similar to the first one and I had a few continuity/plot questions which the intended audience will not care one bit about. It does have some great monster designs but also some not so great visual effects. A safe one to introduce monsters to your little ones.

Rating: 6/10

The Dirt (2019, Netflix)
On the other end of the spectrum is the Mötley Crüe biopic that is most definitely not family friendly! Sex, drugs, rock n roll, and personal tragedies pretty much sums it all up. Having been a long time fan, I really enjoyed this. As much as I like Iwan Rheon in everything, seeing him (and Pete Davidson) kind of kept me from getting fully into it in parts.

Rating: 8/10

I skipped the previous installment but decided to give this one a go. I had the lowest of expectations and was surprised that it wasn't completely terrible. I thought it would be more on the PG side of gore but there's a decent amount and a fun kill or two. For every "good" moment there's something equally bad whether it's cheesy dialog or Leprechaun riding a drone but it all makes for a solid B movie. something much better than you'd expect for premiering on SyFy.

Rating: 6/10

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  1. There was yet another Leprechaun movie? I thought they'd stopped making those! This must be at least the 20th one, hey? And the leprechaun rides a drone? Well, that's at least something. :) They're staying up to date. The most of any leprechaun movie I've seen is part of the first one.

    And as far as The Witch Files goes... Well, I'm not a high schooler and I have seen The Craft (back when I was a high schooler!) but I was still willing to give this a go. Then I watched the trailer and meh. The Craft was so much more intense! This is basically the same thing only without the scares and acting chops. Oh well. Watching this trailer kind of makes me want to watch The Craft again!

    1. Yeah for some reason, they dragged Leprechaun out of storage again. I don't think he's got the staying power of the bigger horror icons but it was good enough in its bad-ness.

      That was most of my thinking while watching The Witch Files...I really should watch The Craft again!