Dec 5, 2017

Krampus Kollectibles

If you're a fan of the movie Krampus, then Entertainment Earth is going to be your new best friend! They have all sorts of goodies to deck your halls with Krampus spirit.

First are these two sets of Beezle-Baubles. These ornaments are 8" in diameter and are perfect for sprucing up your tree (get it?). At the time I'm writing this, Set 1 is temporarily out of stock and Set 2 is very close to joining them. But it's never too early to order for next year, or whenever you want to display them. Leave them up year round if you want, I don't judge.

Speaking of decorating your tree, wouldn't this lovely Cherub Tree Topper look great atop your tree? I think she'd need a couple extra lights right below her to highlight the claws and creepy face.

My favorite item would have to be this Dark Elf statue. He's 1:6 scale, standing just over 10" tall. He's got a single candy cane hanging from his belt, but that's only for the good little kids. The bone saw might be for the other kids.

Are ornaments and statues not your thing. Do you just want something to cuddle with on the cold winter nights? This Klaue Teddy Bear might be the thing for you! You can even peel back part of his scalp to pet his brain! What a good little bear.

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