Nov 7, 2016

Marvel Collector Corps - Doctor Strange

Last month, I ordered the Marvel Collector Corps box from Funko. I don't have an ongoing subscription for the Marvel one but I do pick and choose when the theme sounds good. And since Doctor Strange is my all time favorite Marvel character, I couldn't pass this one up!

I had wanted to do a whole week of Strange posts leading up to the movie's release this weekend like I had done when Guardians of the Galaxy came out. But that whole October/Halloween thing kind of got in the way. I probably could have finagled Strange into some Halloween-adjacent posts but I figured I'd hold off and give him his due when I can.

I saw the movie yesterday and thought it was fantastic! All I can say is, if you're going to see it, make the effort to find an IMAX 3D theater.

By the way, if you're a fan of the good Doctor, there are two sites you must check out:
Sanctum Sanctorum Comix, run by Ptor who not only looks like Strange, but knows a whole lot about him and has quite a collection. 
He's also 1/3 of the panel on the first Dr Strange Podcast.

By the Hoary Hosts of Hoggoth, let us get on with the unboxing!

Not even Earth's Sorcerer Supreme is a match for the US Postal Service. The contents must have had a Shield of the Seraphim cast on them though because nothing was damaged.

 Here's what you see when you open the box. There are also a lot of Eye of Agamotto graphics on the interior of the box as well.

As with the other Funko boxes, you get a collectible patch and pin that are themed to the box. I really like the way the Eye looks on the pin. This is the film version of the artifact.

I'm guessing you're more likely to get exclusive comic covers in the Marvel/DC boxes than in the Star Wars box. The info card points out this cover is based on a classic black light poster which was also used for this 1981 comic issue. I was pretty excited to get this because it came before the actual comic was released so it was like getting a sneak peak.

Next is an adorable Pop mug of Doc's mug. The collar of his cloak wraps around the back and sides of his head. Normally, Funko makes great stuff but I was a little let down with the paint apps on this piece. If you look at the middle of his forehead, you can see some gray seeping from under his hair. There is also a faint red spot above his left eyebrow. It's hard to see in this small photo but easy to notice when you have the mug in hand.

Another staple of the Funko box is a Pop shirt. I was surprised it actually fits! However, the shirt manufacturer thinks the L in XL stands for Long instead of Large. Whatever, it's great!

And what would a Funko box be without an exclusive Pop figure? This is Doc in his astral form. I really like the pose because he's sitting lotus and only the cloak is touching the ground making a nice floating effect. In the comics, his astral form generally takes on a blue translucency. The info card says they changed the Pop to be yellow after seeing the trailer because he has more of a golden glow. I just saw the movie yesterday and can't remember for sure but I think they changed the color in the final film.

Overall, an excellent assortment of items that any Strange fan would love to have. November's theme is X-Men, and while they are my favorite team, I think I'll be holding off on the Marvel boxes until Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2.


  1. Hey Dex!

    I stumbled across your site, because I saw a pic online of a mangled Collector Corps box (against a Ditko backdrop) and I just needed to follow it.

    THANK you for the shout out.
    I've been a bit lax as of late with my blog, but appreciate the link love!
    (I've been sitting on a DOCTOR STRANGE movie review since I saw it on Nov 1st, but just can't bring myself to finish it. Far too many thoughts.)

    I'll be getting back to it all soon.
    I have SO much stuff to share with fellow Strangephiles!
    (As if I didn't have an insane collector BEFORE the movie, it's even MORE out of hand now.)

    Anyway, I'm glad that your swag is intact, though it looks like the Mindless Ones of the Dark Dimension went at it on your box.

    I'll keep you on my radar.

    1. Thanks for stumbling in!

      Looking forward to reading your thoughts on the movie. I enjoyed it overall but definitely need to see it again.

      I was really hoping for a Capt. America level of merch to be pushed out but I guess they didn't want to take a chance on a character not known by the general public.