Nov 1, 2016

Hallowen 2016 Wrap Up

November 1st, possibly the most depressing day of the year, am I right? We are at the same time the furthest, and closest, to Halloween we will ever be all year.

Sheesh, who brought Debbie Downer to the party? On the plus side, The Creep got to visit Salem twice this year, once on Halloween and once on Saturday night. I thought Saturday would be busy with the holiday being on a Monday but it wasn't. In fact, Halloween proper did not even seem like the usual crowd I'm used to making my way through. Which is not to say I didn't still scare the pants off of a ton of people!

Edit: After this post went live, it occurred to me that some of you may have no idea what my costume, The Salem Creep or The Creep, looks like, so here it is!.

Every year there are a couple of smart-asses who think it's funny to try and scare the spooky man. I wish I had the time to sit them down and explain the difference between yelling "BOO!" in someone's face and really scaring them. I can just stand there and people will go out of their way to avoid me. That is how you scare someone. When grown men don't know what to make of your costume, you're doing fright right.

We got a decent amount of Trick or Treaters before leaving the house. I looked out to check the street a couple of times and saw kids and parents going door to door. It's not something we see every year where I live so it brought a special happiness to see a sliver of what I remember Halloween to be like as a kid.

I added a few more photos to my 2016 Salem album which you can check out below (you may have to wait for the photo browser to fully load). If you want to see some great shots of the amazing costumes, check out this Creative Salem album on Facebook.

2016 - Salem Halloween

I can't see a whole lot from under my costume but I'll run down a few of the ones I did spot.

Eleven from Stranger Things (multiple, all in the pink dress outfit, including one guy)
A group of 20 somethings as the Addams Family: Morticia, Lurch, Wednesday, and Cousin Itt (which was crazy awesome) Not sure where Gomez was.
Also multiple individual Wednesdays.
Suicide Squad Harley Quinns (duh)
Spy vs Spy
Multiple Santa Clauses
The Shining Twins
Wilson (from Castaway)

There were also a few people with megaphones preaching on the streets. I'm all for freedom of religion as long as you don't involve me. It's like non-meat eaters protesting a steak house. This girl gets it.

Hope everyone had a magical Halloween.
Remember, it's never too early to start planning for next year.


  1. I'm glad to see that The Creep was out and about!

    Great photos. I liked the Ketchup and Mustard walking their hot dog. And that was a pretty good Michael Jackson! You saw several Santas? That's surprising.

    That was some big house in your pictures! I have the Salem environment somewhat fresh in my mind because I watched Hocus Pocus a few days ago. I just checked to see how much of Hocus Pocus was filmed there, and it looks like some of it was. Looks like they used different areas in Massachusetts. I'm sure you're familiar with several of those locations!

    Glad you had a fun Halloween! :)

    1. I am, I actually did a post about Hocus Pocus shooting locations a couple years ago. That was a fun day around town!