Apr 1, 2016

Monthly Movie Recap - March 2016

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Zootopia (2016)
Not surprisingly, this movie is a lot of fun, has heart, and some great characters. What is surprising are the themes of bullying, not judging someone based on stereotypes, and going against the odds to be what you want to be. I don't have kids, but if I did, I would want them to see this!

Cool: Having the animals maintain their normal size relative to each other makes for some great scenes and interactions.

Rating: 8/10

Stunt Rock (1978)
An Australian stunt man goes to LA and meets a stage magic/rock band act called Sorcery. The trailer makes it look more action packed than it is. Most of the action is just stunts, there's not much of a story or plot to the movie and there's quite a bit of Sorcery performing, which is a great thing! I liked the music so much, I picked up the soundtrack from Amazon (linked above).

Cool: Sorcery, with their mix of 70s supernatural rock and stage magic, are just as much the stars as the stunts of real-life stunt man Grant Page. If Deep Purple and Alice Cooper had a bastard son, it would be Sorcery!
Lame: There's the thinnest of plots but I didn't really mind as there's plenty of stunts and Sorcery!

Rating: 6/10

Re-Kill (2015, Netflix)
This found footage (or found on DVR) movie follows Re-Kill Division units Cops-style as they try to prevent a new zombie outbreak from happening. Since it's a found TV recording, there are fake commercials a la Starship Troopers every so often that keep it entertaining.

Cool: Plenty of bullets and blood
Lame: Shaky cam is shaky; Fast zombies

Rating: 6/10

I've had this one on my watch list for a long time and finally got around to it. I guess I'd heard so much love for it that I was expecting more out of it. It wasn't bad, just not as good as I was hoping.

Cool: CHUD design
Lame: Not enough CHUD! End was disappointing

Rating: 5/10

Batman v Superman (2016)
Trying to to get too spoilery. The movie looks great when it's not too dark. Once we get to the Big Fight, it's good but the script reasons for it starting and stopping are not. I really liked it while watching it but the more I think about the details after the fact, the more I realize I shouldn't really think about the details.

Cool: I'm absolutely looking forward to the Wonder Woman movie now! The straight out of Arkham Knight fight scene vs the goons.

Lame: Luthor, I didn't like this characterization or how non-intelligent his plans are. Also, Supes should be more intelligent than this.

Rating: 6.5 averaging the bad writing against the action and being well shot

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