Apr 6, 2016

Funko Smuggler's Bounty - Cantina

You'll never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy than the new Funko Smuggler's Bounty box! The theme for the third Star Wars sub box is Cantina, so strap you blaster on and prepare to see some things that are out of this world.

I apologize for having have to start this post out by complaining. But if the internet isn't the place to complain, I don't know where is! My mail carrier left this and my Loot Crate on the porch on a wet day. I guess it would have been too physically straining to put them inside the door that was literally inches away. Luckily, the boxes are sturdy and although the inside of was faintly damp, the goods were unharmed.

Every Smuggler's Box (and maybe every Funko sub box?) comes with a patch and pin. I was especially exicted by the pin as I dig the Cantina band. Not just the music, but the aliens themselves are one of my favorites from the movies. No doubt because of their swanky numbers and ability to hop right back into it after someone gets shot.

The first item inside the box is a pen with an itty bitty Chewbacca Pop Vinyl style figure on the top of it. It's pretty cute.

I like the Wanted poster design of this shirt featuring "Walrusman" Ponda Baba. Although I do think it's a bit odd that it has the Star Wars The Force Awakens logo on the shirt's lower right. I mean, I didn't notice any one-armed Aqualish in the movie. Maybe I'll keep an eye out the next time I watch it.

Here is the first of the two (cout 'em, two!) exclusive Funko Pop Vinyl figures: Ben Kenobi. The non-exclusive version of Ben has him with his hood up and the lightsaber in a more neutral position. This pose makes him look like he's ready to chop up some unruly Cantina patrons! I wish he'd managed to fend off whatever put that dent in his box. Funko's replacement policy is to not give a flying Falcon about the packaging and only replace damaged items. Good thing these aren't collectible or anything, huh?

And the second Pop is Red Snaggletooth. If you're not in the know, you may wonder, why do they call it Red Snaggletooth instead of just Snaggletooth? Well, back in the day of original Star Wars figures, there was a Snaggletooth figure based on the character's movie appearance, just like this Pop. There was also a taller blue-suited Snaggletooth that was released in a Sears exclusive playset, which is one of the more valuable figures.

Funko did something...interesting and randomly packed out Blue Snaggletooth Pop chase variant figures as a nod to the old Kenner figure. This is the version I would have preferred because of his blue suit and silver boots. Being a chase, it's now going for $80+ on the secondary market. I'm not keen on the idea of randomly packed chase figures in a sub box like this. It's one thing if there's a couple different ones and you get one or the other, but with a chase it automatically ups the value and makes it harder to get. I know, I know, that's the point of chase, right?

And that wraps up the Cantina Smuggler's Bounty box. Overall, I think it was good. These boxes don't vary that much from delivery to delivery like Loot Crate does so although there's the surprise of not knowing exactly what you're getting, you kinda know you're getting at least one Pop and shirt in every box. Considering the pose Ben is in, it would have been really cool to see the other Pop be a one-armed Ponda Baba!

Funko's Smuggler's Bounty box is an every other month subscription box that delivers nothing but Star Wars to your door. If you want to subscribe, head over to Smuggler's Bounty and sign up.
Note: I'm not getting anything from Funko for this, but if they'd like to send me something I'm more than okay with that!


  1. Well if you ever want to unload red Snaggletooth, let me know. He was my favorite figure growing up. Mostly because he was easy to hide in my pockets so teachers didn't know I brought a Star Wars toy to school.

    1. He was one of my favorites too. I liked the aliens and droids more than the main characters lol