Jun 15, 2015

Boston Pride 2015

This past weekend was the 45th Annual Boston Pride Parade. I've only been attending for a small fraction of that number but it's usually a good time. This year I don't know what happened but it was late starting, there were huge gaps between groups, and a normally hour long parade turned into a three hour tour. One hour of which was waiting for it to start.

Anyway, I"m not here to grouse! There's a great atmosphere during these events because everyone knows it's a time when they don't have to hide who they are on the inside.

There are plenty of groups that participate every year from local schools and churches to global businesses. I wanted to share a couple of especially geeky groups.

Before we begin, I must share this pic of some guy that is totally not Nic Cage...

Boston Pride 2015 - Not Nic Cage

First is the local group called Intergalactic Alliance, Costumers for a Cause.

Boston Pride 2015

I love the variety of cosplay going on in this group. In this shot you've got the Sixth Doctor, Elsa, Vader and a Jedi, Deadpool, and on the far right, Chun Li.

Boston Pride 2015

And here we have Cap, Casey Jones, Punisher, a pair of Ghostbusters, Leia, Scout Trooper, and in the back are Storm and Two-Face. And bringing up the rear is...

Boston Pride 2015

Emmett from the LEGO movie!

I didn't catch the name of this second group but I really dig the Colonial take on classic comic characters.

Boston Pride 2015

I'm presuming the girl in the red corset is Scarlet Witch, and next to her is Rogue. Deadpool's sign asks "Where does George Washington keep his armies? In his sleevies. What don't like it? Hmm, tough crowd."

Boston Pride 2015

I thought this was a pretty genius way to do a historic Green Lantern.

I don't remember what marching band this was, but they have got to have the most badass uniforms in band history! If the Sith had a marching band, this would be them.

Boston Pride 2015

 A lot of the businesses in the parade toss/hand out promotional items. But Chipotle was far and away the leader with this piece of brilliant marketing...

And it's a coupon for buy one, get one free entree.
Can't beat that!


  1. Our local Pride parade is always a good time. I try to get a large group together every year to watch the parade. We're on our third year.
    Any updates on the box of wonderfulness going around? Just wonderin'.

    1. The box has arrived at its first destination and the tower is waiting confirmation that it's on the way to its next stop.

    2. I got the box! :D I emailed you, so you can email me back when you get a free moment, no rush.

      Religious beliefs aside, I'm a burrito man myself. Rhett and Link actually had quite a lively debate on the matter: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=79I7_vkwaeg