Jun 23, 2015

June 2015 Loot Crate - Cyber

Domo Arigato! The theme for June's Loot Crate is Cyber.

Loot Crate sent a robot through time to deliver me this box. The only catch was I had to review it or all humanity would be destroyed! Don't say I never did anything for you.
You're welcome.

Read along, if you want to live!

Loot Crate June 2015

Hey, look at that. They printed the article contents on the cover so I don't have to tell you what's inside! Wasn't that nice? The character in the lower left looks very Tron-like but there was not a Tron item in sight. Oh well. The patch in the upper right is the logo of the Tyrell Corporation, makers of fine replicants that are more human than human.

Loot Crate June 2015 Pouch

Here's a neato circuit board print zip pouch. It immediately made me think of No. 2 pencils, pink erasers, and pencil sharpeners. Ah, remember the days when you looked forward to browsing the store shelves and you had the enormous decision of choosing what characters would be with you all school year? Considering it's almost July, I'm shocked I haven't seen any school supplies in stores yet.

Loot Crate June 2015 Shirt

Next is this awesome shirt combining two the best things to come out of the 80s: Trans-Formers and Tron! I'd love to get a poster made of this with neon tubing to light it up.

Loot Crate June 2015 Mat

Borderlands is one of my favorite game franchises. It's an FPS with a Diablo-inspired loot system and a wicked sense of humor. You may think this is a mouse pad, but dear reader, you would be wrong! This is a gaming mat! Which is really an over-sized mouse pad.

Loot Crate June 2015 BSG Target

We also got a pair of Cylon shooting range target posters. I never got into the new BSG but these are pretty cool. I really like the prop replica-ness of the envelope.

Loot Crate June 2015 Terminator

Last, and by no means least, are a couple of items from the upcoming Terminator Genesis. Oh wait, it's like Gynesis, Genysis, or something equally ridiculous, right? I didn't see the last two movies and I probably won't see this one until the day comes and I decide that I need to watch them all. Judgement Day was the perfect sequel and I don't see how they can build on it any better with any extra time traveling.

Anyway, my movie snobbery aside, these are some kick butt items! The endoskull is a Loot Crate exclusive. The box says it's 1/2 scale, which seems weird thinking it's half the size of my skull, but there you go. The paint work on it is fantastic, it really looks like metal. The other item is a brain chip keychain. Maybe in the future, when the cool kids take down their first Terminator, they grab a brain chip and turn it into a keychain to show how badass they are.

Overall, I'd put this one on the upper end of a scale between "meh" and "amaze-balls" mainly from the Terminator head and the shirt.

And that wraps up June's Cyber theme! If you'd like to get a sweet box of swag delivered to you every month, head over to Loot Crate and sign up!

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