Apr 13, 2015

Table Not Day

Remember Friday, how excited I was at the prospect of attending my first ever Tabletop Day event and play lots of games?

Yeah, that didn't happen.

Weeks ago I had checked the Tabletop Day website to see where events were being held in my area. There were three in the immediate area. I decided to go to the one at my local Barnes & Noble instead of one of the other two that were being hosted by local gamer groups.

See, even at my age, I'm still pretty much a 13 year old geek that's socially awkward. The idea of going somewhere to meet a group of strangers that already know each other is more daunting than going to a book store for a few hours.

The event was scheduled 1pm-4pm. I showed up around 1:45 and there was no indication that anything was going on in the store that day other than day to day business. You'd expect there to at least be a sign or something at the door, right? Maybe I missed it.

After meandering around the store for a few minutes, I got to the toy section of the store and found this...

Was this it? Certainly if I worked at a store participating in an international celebration of gaming, I'd have an employee here, maybe a sign at least? Considering it was 45 minutes past the time it was to have started, I didn't bother asking anyone about it. It was doubtful anyone was showing up.

Did they under promote the event (or did they at all)? I'll never know because the lackluster-ness of it put me in a terrible mood the rest of the day. I don't blame Geek and Sundry at all. I could see via social media there were tons of people around the planet celebrating, playing games, and having fun like they should be.

Maybe next year, Tabletop Day. Maybe next year...


  1. Maybe everyone decided to just play with there local groups instead of hitting up a more public place?

    1. That's what I'm thinking, John. I guess I was hoping the store promoted the event better to bring in the "average" person, which is one of the things this day is all about.

    2. It's too bad that it wasn't promoted better such a lost for folks.