Apr 17, 2015

Sideshow Collectibles Little Groot

LIttle Groot box front

I got a Little Groot in the mail this weekend! For the record, Little Groot is the "official" name of this version of Groot, not Baby Groot. He's from Sideshow Collectibles/Hot Toys. He's my first Hot Toy because usually they do larger figures and they are expensive!

Little Groot box side

The box itself is pretty cool. It's got the Ravagers emblem on the top and  the sides look like they're part of a starship. It just feels very Guardians.

Little Groot Scale

Here's a shot for scale of Groot with Drax from the Marvel Legends 6' figure line. Yep, they're not kidding when they say "Little" Groot, he's just 1/4 scale. His arms and body are somewhat bendy so you can pose him a little. The instructions advise against moving the arms up more than 45° and the body no more than 30° to avoid damage. Pretty specific!

But I'll tell you where the real danger of damage comes from: trying to swap out one of Groot's three heads.

LIttle Groot Grinning

There's no problem removing the one that comes attached but trying to put on one of the others is not a fun task. The neck has a ball joint to put the head on. I don't know if the extra heads just need to be "broken in" to go on the ball but they don't go on easily. The main issue is that when you're putting on a head, your instinct is to push it down on to the ball. Well, the top of Groot's head has got lots of tiny branches on it, not a place you want to apply pressure. I tried holding the head between my fingers but then you're pushing down on the semi-bendy body. It boils down to some delicate trial and error.

Direct from Sideshow, Little Groot is $45 and while he does look great, I would have liked to have seen him a little bigger at that price. But if you want a tiny screen accurate, poseable potted Groot, this is your best option.

Little Groot Dancing

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