Mar 2, 2015

Monthly Movie Recap - February 2015

Last month, I decided to make a late New Year's Resolution to watch at least one new to me Roger Corman movie a month.  I took it a little too much to heart this month and crossed off five movies and two "franchises" for lack of a better word.

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Barbarian Queen (1985)
Long before making movies for the SyFy channel, Roger Corman was making movies to capitalize on box office blockbusters like Conan. Unfortunately, even as a B-movie, Barbarian Queen doesn't quite deliver and it didn't hold my attention too well.

Cool: Sword wielding women. I originally had "ass kicking" in here, but I've seen better fights on Xena
Lame: I know Corman likes his nudity but there's too many scenes of the bad guys assaulting women just for the sake of it
Rating: 3/10

Barbarian Queen II: The Empress Strikes Back (1989)
"Lana Clarkson as you've never seen her before!" Unless you saw the last movie where she's totally not the same character doing pretty much the same thing. As bad as the first one was, this direct to video sequel is even worse! Even trying to introduce some magic can't save this one.

Cool: Lana Clarkson, I guess? There really isn't much to enjoy here unless you're in an MST mood.
Lame: They manage to get her strapped into a torture rack and topless again...
Rating: 2/10

*** NSFW trailer ***
Slumber Party Massacre (1982)
In contrast to the previous films, this is a B-movie done right. Supposedly it was written as a horror spoof, only no one told the film crew! As a result, it's got plenty to satisfy the gore lover and a few genuinely funny moments. And oh yes, there's plenty of time exploiting the slumber party attendees as well.

Cool: The killer is a straight up creeper with a power drill
Lame: There are so many easily portable implements of death, why use a power drill with a crazy long bit? But I have to say it's original.
Rating: 7/10, lots of fun

Slumber Party Massacre II (1987)
Hey look, Crystal Bernard! You'll either love this one or wish you could get the time back. I don't use the term "hot mess" but I will start saying things are a real Slumber Party Massacre II from now on. The trailer sells it as a comedy but it's not very funny. It feels like a Nightmare on Elm St script someone fished out of the trash and reworked a little. The kills don't start till about the final 20 minutes and they're not too inventive, but there is a reason to see this...

Cool: The killer! We're given no explanation as to where this psycho rock n roller with the hybrid guitar/power drill came from but he makes the movie bearable. Hollywood's always redoing things, someone pick this villain up and get him a franchise! He's like Ford Fairlane and Freddy rolled into one!
Lame: The story and characters are a mess. It's missing the gratuitous nudity and killing that made the first one fun.
Rating: 4/10, just watch the last 30 minutes, you won't miss much

Slumber Party Massacre III (1990)
A bit more back to formula that made the original good. Doesn't quite have the same sense of humor though which makes it just another slasher with a drill fetish flick. Not that there's a lot of slasher with a drill fetish flicks....are there?

Cool: Better body count than 2
Lame: I get that you need a "thing" for a franchise but it's time to move on from a driller killer
Rating: 5/10

LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes: Justice League vs. Bizarro League (2015)
I have yet to see a licensed LEGO movie/TV show that isn't entertaining. It's cute, funny, and has stuff in it for the die hard comic fans too. If you need a diversion for just under an hour, check it out. It's a stand-alone feature so no need to worry if you've missed previous LEGO DC animations.

Cool: Top notch voice cast, as always
Lame: The Bizarro-speak might get on your nerves after awhile. And what's with every other person getting a "-zarro" name and Wonder Woman's clone is just called Bizarra?
Rating: 6/10

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