Mar 27, 2015

Guardians of the Galaxy Soundtrack

Yeah, yeah. I know I've previously posted about the soundtrack to Guardians before, but this is something different. Back on Record Store Day 2014 (Black Friday), limited quantities of the Guardians soundtrack were available on cassette. I, being a relatively sane person, was not venturing out first thing in the a.m. on Black Friday to try and get one. By the time I sauntered in, they'd already sold out and I thought I'd lost my chance. 
Ebay? No way, prices too cray-cray.

Fast forward a few months and lo and behold, Disney made it available online!

Guardians of the Galaxy Soundtrack Cassette

And why wouldn't they have? It's pretty much like printing money! For me, this isn't about the hipster "Ooh, I have to get it on cassette because it's so retro." No, I want this because it's also a prop replica. I like that they went the extra mile and made the insert look like it was handwritten.

Guardians of the Galaxy Soundtrack Chillin

If it weren't for the Guardians logo on the outside flap, you wouldn't even know it wasn't just someone's tape laying around.

Guardians of the Galaxy Soundtrack Say Anything

If you need one of these for your starship, fly on over to the Disney Music Emporium site.
Who knew that was even a thing?


  1. That's excellent! I was lucky enough for my wife to pick this up for me on Black Friday. She also went ahead and gave it to me on Black Friday because she knows I am horrible and would have gone looking for it myself if she "hadn't" come home with it.

    The guy at the record store actually told her that they had over-ordered and were having trouble getting them to move. Not shocking I suppose considering the average joe isn't going to buy this because they have nothing to play it on anymore.

    I bought it for the same reason you did... because authenticity! I just love this movie to the point where I knew as soon as I left the theater that if they DIDN'T release this on cassette, I was going to go to GREAT lengths to make myself my own prop-copy. (I also pretty much knew leaving the theater they WOULD make this on cassette, just like I knew they'd end up making dancing baby Groot toys that actually danced).

    1. I was browsing Ebay shortly after the movie and people had self made replicas they were selling for $30-40! And that was before there was any hint of this official release with music on it.

      That's funny! I heard some stores under ordered because who'd buy a cassette?

  2. Greatest... post on a cassette tape ever! thank you. I had thought it would have been limited to the BLACK FRIDAY... thank you, must have one.

    1. Thanks Jeremy! Definitely worth the price.