Aug 12, 2014

Boston Comic Con 2014 - Vendors & Artists

This past weekend Boston Comic Con was in town again. It seems like they're committed to improving it every year, which is good news because I think it has big potential, but they're going to need a bigger space to hold it! Friday night they posted cautioning people that were planning on buying tickets on site Saturday to consider getting tickets for Sunday instead due to the expected crowd.

BCC sign

I'm breaking my one day at the con up into a few posts to avoid making one TL;DR post where everyone is just looking at the photos. Today, I'll be showing off an incredibly small fraction of the artists/vendors at the con.

Recycle Fett

I didn't grab a card from this vendor, so I can't tell you where to find their work. They had a whole display of characters made from recycled metal covering all sorts of properties. I'm presuming this is Jango Fett because of the dual pistols he's sporting.

Recycle Alien Predator

Here's an Alien and Predator not trying to kill each other.
You can see the top of a Dalek in front of them. They also had a kick ass mini AT-AT.

Flying Sciurus - Custom Simon & Marcy

These custom Adventure Time figures were done by Shaun Nakasone. He had a few amazing customs on his table but if there's one thing that gets me, it's Simon and Marcy. Shaun works with all kinds of vinyl figures like Munnies and Mighty Muggs. You can check out his work at Flying Sciurus.

Companion Suitcases

These "Companion Suitcases" are functional works of art featuring Firefly, Star Wars, and Doctor Who. They also had an assortment of geeky lockets, earrings and prints. You can find them at Ursula and Olive.

Geeky Cheeky figures

One of my favorite crafty booths was by Geeky and Cheeky. These doll characters stand about a foot tall and are infinitely squishable! They also take custom orders online. The people running the booth were overjoyed when I asked if that was Dungeonmaster on the bottom left. They said I was only the second person that day to identify him, which I couldn't believe. Parents, educate your kids!

Geeky Cheeky_Doctors

They also had a 3' tall Weeping Angel doll which is a little more creepy at that size!

Super Sox Shop 2Super Sox Shop 1

Super Sox Shop is the perfect place to go if you need a little something special to hang by your chimney in the winter. They also have plush weapons like Thor's Hammer, Cap's shield, Zelda sword & shield, and the Mario star (a good tree topper!). I also really like the Pac-Man stuff which you can see on the table in the left pic.

The Bea Arthur Art Project

Before I get to the art that I actually bought, I had to show this postcard I picked up. This artist is doing a piece of Bea Arthur art every day for a year. I looked through his print book and there is some hilarious stuff in there combining Bea (and the Golden Girls) with all aspects of pop culture. He plans to compile them into a book when finished. Follow him on Twitter for daily updates and check out his online shop.

I've got a fever and the only prescription is more raccoon! I mentioned it during Guardians of the Galaxy week, but I've been a fan of Rocket since the 80s and now that he's in he spotlight, you can't swing a twig and not hit something he's on. This postcard size print was only $3 and I couldn't pass it up. The art is just too cute, but don't tell Rocket. 
Artist: TinaT8m

Katie Cook 1

This is artist Katie Cook working on a custom piece for me. Can you guess who it is? I've been following Katie's work for years when she started doing work for Star Wars. Currently, she's best know for her work on the My Little Pony comic. She said she had a lot of people ask for a dancing Groot custom.

Rocket Raccoon & Snoopy

On the left is (surprise!) Rocket that I had her do for me. On the right is Snoopy that was one of the many pre-made cards she had on her table. Other people had her do custom work while we were waiting our turn and it was pretty cool to watch her knock out these little works. The cards are maybe a quarter inch bigger on all sides than a playing card to give you an idea of their size. Rocket is about as tall as my first thumb knuckle.

Finally, the Pièce de résistance... (ooh la-la)

Peanuts of the Galaxy

How awesome is this??
Artist Matthew J Fletcher had a few other Peanuts gang prints and even a mashup with Star Wars. This was the big winner. I can just picture Linus/Drax assaulting people with his blanket. Or Chuck's "Good grief!" when he tells someone his name is Star-Lord and they reply "Who?" Honestly, I'm a little freaked out at the thought of a 9' tall Woodstock though.

Well, I said I wanted to break this up so as not to make too long of a post but this was plenty long by itself! Stay tuned this week for more from Boston Comic Con 2014!

Final note: I linked to all these artists and shops because I like what they do. I'm not getting any kind of kickbacks or discounts from them. Support your local artists!

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