Jun 24, 2014

Thrift Store Vinyl

We hit the Witch City Consignment Shop again this weekend. While I don't usually check out the albums there, mainly because I feel like I need a shower after browsing through them, my wife was casually flipping through them and found something that caught my eye which was enough to get me to look through them all.

Before I get to the albums, here's a couple of shots of other random things in the store.

Thrift store skates

I didn't open the box to feast my eyes on the skates in this box, and I really should have to take a pic to go with the box. But that box is pure 70s awesomeness all on its own. I think the last time I roller skated was when I was still in middle school. I can still remember playing Pac-Man and the smell of the pizza they served there. It was similar to the pizza you'd get in the school cafeteria.

Thrift store dolls

I have no idea what was going on in the toy section that day. I just snapped a quick pic and kept on moving. No questions, no judgement. In the basket directly to the left were a pair of Donny Osmond dolls in different outfits. They were just bro'ing out casually.

Now on to the albums!

K-Tel Music Express

This one was actually my wife's pick. And the main reason is that it's a K-Tel release. Maybe it's a nostalgia thing, maybe it's just having something that has the K-Tel logo on it. Very important info in the upper left there. It's recorded in stereo but will play in mono. Whew! The album is actually in decent condition. I watched a TV documentary about the rise and fall of K-Tel last month that was pretty interesting.

K-Tel Music Express back

Being a compilation album, it's also an audio time capsule of 1975.
Just check out that track listing!

Zubin Mehta

I picked this one up because I collect versions of the Star Wars theme music. I always find it interesting to see what other themes are on an album because they always toss in some other sci-fi themes. This album is in ok condition, it will probably play.

Disney's Thrilling, Chilling Sounds

And this is the one that my wife initially pulled that got my attention. While I have this in digital format, I've never owned a physical copy of this Halloween staple.

Disney's Thrilling, Chilling Sounds closeup

You can see on the front someone did some doodling inside the lettering, which is a little disappointing. I mean, the sleeve isn't in bad shape considering it's about 50 years old! The album itself...I don't know if I'm going to dare and play it on the new record player we recently got. It's that bad looking.

Disney's Thrilling, Chilling Sounds sleeve

On the plus side, the interior sleeve is in pretty good condition and I'd imagine these are probably the hardest to find part of the album.

The Star Wars album was oddly $5 and the other two were $3 each, not too shabby.


  1. Holy Haunted House Album! A classic and one am sure i had when i was young boy. Congrats on that awesome find and the rest too Dex.

    1. Now that I'm thinking about it, I don't remember if I ever owned any Halloween albums as a kid. I know I had a couple of cassettes, but they were usually the generic sound effect/sound environment ones.

  2. That picture from the toy section!

    1. Yeah it's a bit racy, but I had to share it when I saw it!

    2. Racy schmacy...that's hilarious!