Jun 3, 2014

A Couple of Spooky Kickstarters

I always say it's never too early to think about Halloween. Actually, I always say there's no such thing as Halloween "off" season, it's a way of life! Summer may just be getting started but here's a couple of Halloween-ish Kickstarters you should check out.

Ghosts Love Candy is a sweet (pun intended) looking tabletop game for gobblin ghosts ages 8+. Even in the afterlife, you can still have a sweet tooth. Being incorporeal makes it a little difficult to consume candy though, so what can you do? Possess little kids on Halloween night and make them eat candy! Possessing a costumed kid lets you use their special ability to help yourself or mess with the other ghosts.

I think the artwork is a perfect fit for the game and it sounds like a lot of fun. And because the world needs more Halloween games, I've already backed them to get a copy. They're a little over halfway there with about a month to go.

The next Kickstarter may ring some nostalgia bells...

October Toys is trying to resurrect Skeleton Warriors, starting with Baron Dark! Not only do they want to bring these bony baddies back but they're 100% Glyos compatible! For those not familiar with Glyos, this means just about every part is removable and interchangeable. If they can rally some major support and bust through their stretch goals, they plan on making even more figures.

They've only got 20 days left to make $33k so if you want them to return, get on it!

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  1. Lots of cool projects in the works this summer it seems.