Nov 27, 2013

November 2013 Loot Crate: Celebrate!

Welcome to the unboxing of the latest Loot Crate!
This month's theme is Celebrate. With two new gaming consoles debuting (are they next, next gen?), the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, and of course, Thanksgiving, there's plenty of reasons to celebrate!

Disclaimer: Loot Crate has supplied these items in exchange for a review

Let's get crackin!
Unless you're Toronto Mayor Rob Ford...

Loot Crate Nov 13 BFast

BFast is a grab n go breakfast substitute that has the nutrition of a bowl of cereal with milk. And a taste that landed it in the trash after the first sip. I can't exactly pin what the nasty taste reminded me of but if you took wood shop and remember what the wood smelled like when you used the belt sander on it? That smell is what it tasted like.

Loot Crate Nov 13 FPS

Speaking of drinks, here's a little something to help them go down. 
It's a first person shooter, get it? Ba-dum-BUMP!

Loot Crate Nov 13

The mighty wallet from Dynomighty is pretty cool! It, and the packaging, are made from 25% recycled Tyvek and is 100% recyclable! They'll even recycle it for you if you send it to them. It's also supposed to be tear and water resistant. However, I have so many freakin cards in my wallet, this one doesn't have enough space to hold them all. And I'm also not such a Bat-fan that I'd use it, but it does have some sweet Bat-graphics on the inside. You can go to the site and design a custom wallet with your own graphics/photos.

Loot Crate Nov 13 Doctor Who

Yay, a couple of Doctor Who party items! The police box sign is a reusable wall sticker and the balloon, well, it's a balloon. But is gets bigger on the inside ;)

Loot Crate Nov 13 Butters speaker

Butters!! He's a Beatz Buddiez 3" tall rechargeable speaker. He's got a little loop on the top of his head to attach He comes with the necessary cord to connect him to an audio device which also has a USB plug so you can charge him for 4 hours on the go use. The speaker jack is located in a somewhat unfortunate place on his backside,  but it's keeping with South Park humor! For a 3" speaker it's better than I was expecting. They also have Cartman, Kenny, Kyle and Stan as well as other designs.

Loot Crate Nov 13 Robocycle

Next is the Robocycle deck of cards from Bicycle which is going to get added to my growing playing card collection. The face cards have some interesting robo-forms. The numeric cards are fairly standard and the card backs have a cool circuit board design.

Loot Crate Nov 13 Magazine

Lastly is the monthly Loot Crate mini-mag which showcases all the items you receive. It also has a Top 10 Doctor Who episode list. I don't think I've mentioned it before, but every month one lucky Looter gets a MegaCrate prize which is valued at over $250. This month's MegaCrate is for a PS4 and an XBox One! Holy cow, does anyone have enough spare time for two consoles?

I have to say, I think this month's crate has had the biggest bang for the buck so far!

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  1. Those Robocycle cards are cool. I hadn't seen those before. How many Bicycle playing card decks do you think you have in your collection? I'm guessing you have a lot of them! :)

    1. Not as many as you might think :) About half the decks I have are Star Wars and those are made by a company called Carta Mundi.

  2. Replies
    1. They are pretty neat. I got into collecting cards when they started doing Star Wars decks and have been picking up other ones that I think are cool. I like collecting them because they don't take up a lot of room!