Nov 5, 2013

League Post - Hake's Auction #210

Ok, I know I said I was giving the goblins a week off but when the League of Extraordinary Bloggers partners with Hake's Americana & Collectibles, out comes the whip! The premise behind this assignment is to go on a crazy shopping pop culture spree.

The prices I'm listing are Hake's estimates on what the item will fetch.

Antikamnia Skeleton Calendar ($400-700)
The first thing that grabbed my attention is this six page calendar from 1898 that was distributed to doctors. The illustrations are truly weird. The caption of the page on the right is "'Fo' De Lawd's Sake What You Doin'?' - Uncle Rufus - 'De Doctah Said--Put De Plastah On De Ol' Woman's Back!'" Gotta love 1898! They have three other calendars from around the same time as well.

Full insert

Close up
Star Wars Action Figure Case Insert ($200-400)
If you're an OG Star Wars fan, you might remember those rectangular cases to hold your figures. The cases had a double-sided cardboard insert that showed off the figures. This particular insert is rare because one of the figures is a kit-bashed Boba Fett. This would have been a cool figure to get!

Johnny Eck signed photo ($100-200)
I absolutely love the 1932 movie Freaks so this is a special treasure to find up for bid. The auction mentions this tidbit: "The twins performed magic shows where the full-body twin would be sawed in half, and Johnny would crawl through the audience, much to their shock." Can you imagine?

Piece of Disney History Haunted Mansion Pin ($50-100)
"This limited edition pin contains a piece of one of the three Audio-Animatronic Hitchhiking Ghosts (Phineas) from Disney's The Haunted Mansion. The piece of the ghost is in a capsule on the left side of this pin." Sure it's a teeny tiny piece but how cool it would be to have! We have a Wizard of Oz trading card that has a tiny piece of the original Yellow Brick Road in it.

Vincent Price Ring ($400-700)
"This large and heavy ring is made of pewter with a silvery finish although with some brassy luster on his exceedingly high relief portrait which is surrounded on each side with claws. This is the example pictured in The Overstreet Toy Ring Price Guide with the notation that it was a licensed ring and that only 12 were produced." 
Oh my, this thing is gore-geous! The fact that it's only 1 of 12 ever made just elevates its awesomeness.

Ok, I have to reign myself in otherwise I'll be here all day!

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  1. As a fan of Mister Price i just love that ring!

    1. It is pretty sweet, shame there were only 12 made though.

  2. I'm trying to imagine Johnny Eck approaching the audience during that routine. I'd like to see the audience reaction!

    How cool that you own a little piece of the yellow brick road. I wonder how far pieces of the yellow brick road have traveled by now?

    1. I think he'd still freak out a few people today but back in the 30s when people had no knowledge/exposure to someone like him it must have been terrifying!

      It's a very tiny piece but we're happy to have it!

  3. Love the Doctor calender and Haunted Mansion pin. Kind of a cool idea to have a piece as part of the pin.

    1. It's like owning a piece of history. A very tiny piece, but a piece!