Aug 5, 2013

Boston Comic Con 2013 - Cosplay

Boston Comic Con 2013

This past Saturday I was able to attend Boston Comic Con, thanks to winning tickets from If I hadn't won tickets, I probably would have passed on going. It's been a few years since I've been to BCC, mainly because the last time I was underwhelmed. Comic conventions across the country have taken to altering their name to include "Comic Con", even if they're not run by the same people that do San Diego, to grab more attention.

The con opened at 10am and I got there around 2pm. There was a very long line outside the building of people that had pre-ordered tickets still waiting to get their passes. On the other side of things, if you were just wanting to attend for a day you could walk right up, buy a ticket and go in. The con was at a much better location this year with a lot more room but unfortunately they didn't utilize the potential of the space.

Upon entering, I decided to start on one side, go up and down the rows and work toward the other side. I picked the wrong starting side. The local 501st, Rebel Legion, NH Ghostbusters and the NE Brethren of Pirates were all in that first row. As you might imagine, large groups of people in costume cause a people jam! It was like standing in a very slow moving line.

Boston Comic Con 2013 NH Ghostbusters Vigo

The con (as far as I know) was held in one large room which accommodated all of the vendors, artists and celebs. Usually the celebs are what draw me to the cons but there wasn't anyone I had to meet. I would have liked to have met voice actor Billy West but the cost of autographs (and sometimes even photos with the celebs) can get too much. There were some big name artists there but it's rare that I get excited for artists.

Boston Comic Con 2013 futurama cosplay leela fry zoidberg

One of my favorite things about cons is the cosplayers and they were out in force! Interestingly, comic book characters seemed to be in the minority. The most prominent groups I noticed were Doctor Who and Adventure Time. There were even a few times I spotted characters from Gravity Falls, which is awesome because that means other people love the show too. Don't screw it up, Disney!

Boston Comic Con 2013 Doctor Who Silent cosplay SilenceBoston Comic Con 2013 Gravity Falls cosplay Mabel Waddles Dipper Pines

Boston Comic Con 2013 Daenerys Game of Thrones cosplay dragon Doctor Who

Where else would you see Daenerys showing her dragons off to a very young Doctor? His stroller was made up to look like a TARDIS. He rides in a stroller now, strollers are cool.

Boston Comic Con 2013 Bravest Warriors cosplay Chris BethBoston Comic Con 2013 Adventure Time BMO

Left are Chris and Beth from Bravest Warriors, the other cartoon created by Adventure Time maker-upper, Pen Ward. Check it out if you like Adventure Time.
BMO, on the right, had an iPad inside so he could change facial expression.

And in the "play to your strengths" department, we have Marvel Comics' Blade and Blob.

boston comic con 2013 marvel comics blade cosplayboston comic con 2013 marvel comics blob cosplay

And while we're on B, here's a pretty kick ass Batman with Harley Quinn

boston comic con 2013 DC batman harley quinn cosplay

And this is my favorite cosplay photo of the day...

boston comic con 2013 TMNT Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Raphael cosplay

I've still got a handful of cosplay pics you can check out on Flickr.
Stay tuned for more pics & posts from the con about the artists!


  1. Love seeing the creativity that goes into these costumes. There are some very talented people out there indeed.

  2. Not sure how I missed this post last year but I love the pic of my Little Doctor and Daenerys!