Mar 9, 2012

Mailbox Invaders - Star Wars Kotobukiya

First off, you may be wondering who or what is Kotobukiya. They make some fantastically geeky stuff! In addition to the "mundane" statues they also do some unusual things like glassware, chop sticks and silicone mold trays (for ice cubes or chocolate!).

I won a Twitter contest put on by MTV Geek which included the below Star Wars statues, a Tekken Bishoujo, an X-23 Bishoujo and a pair of Alien mold trays. So I wanted to share a few pics of the Star Wars statues because they are so cool! While they are statues, you do have to do some very easy assembly to get them together. The reason for this genius: they have multiple parts so you can show them off in a variety of ways!

There isn't much in the shot for size reference but the rifle clone is about 7" tall.
They came in two packs, droids in one and clones in the other. Each figure has its own base plate but with a lack of display space, I found it pretty easy to fit them all on only three bases. Each piece has magnets in its feet so they won't fall off their bases easily.

These guys are using some of the "action pose" arms and legs.
These guys are amazing! I only realized after I had put them together that I should have taken a shot of them in the packaging to show off all the options. There is a long and short rifle for each clone and a "default" set of arms and legs. There are also two additional sets of arms and legs for each. The heads appear to be on a ball joint and can be rotated, which gives a decent range of "expression" by manipulating their heads. The Kotobukiya page shows the different poses you can create.

Even the droids have multiple part options. 3P0 has an interchangeable right hand. Above you can see the "open" hand. The other is slightly closed and can hold an included comlink just like he used on the Death Star. His head and arms have basic rotating articulation. R2 pretty much only has the option of being displayed with or without the retractable leg. They even included a piece to cover the hole where the third leg attaches if you only display him on two legs. His head also rotates.

I was really impressed with the detail on these and would say they're on the same level as many solid cast statues. Take a close look at 3P0, the wires in his midsection and his palms! I like these a lot more than a normal statue because I can change how they're displayed whenever I want.


  1. Now these are just too cool! I like them.

    1. I think they retail for $60-$70 per set. The clones are absolutely worth it with all the extra parts they have.