Mar 12, 2012

Mail Order Monday - Super Siren (1978)

Now admittedly, Bobby should be paying more attention to cars pulling out of their driveways. But I'm guessing Mr. Jones is partially to blame also. He's got a head of receding hair and is driving a two door sports car a little too fast for the driveway! He's probably headed down to the local nudie bar for an afternoon of semi-naked women and drowning his sorrows in cheap booze.

Um...where were we? Oh yeah...why is Bobby's mom such a hard ass on him? Taking the bike away seems a little harsh for almost getting hit by one car, doesn't it? Mr. Jones probably blew the situation out of proportion when he told her what happened while still reeking of self-loathing and alcohol.

But Bobby's got it together! He gets himself a siren that goes WOO-WOO-WOOO!

This is more like the one I remember. 
It has multiple siren modes and you can use it as a bike mounted bullhorn.

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