Mar 16, 2012

Friday Funnies - Gumfighting (1979)

Ok, so today's post is more an ad you'd find in a comic book but it's one of those ones that I have a distinct memory of seeing. I thought it was a a unique way to advertise something like chewing gum.
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  1. I've never seen this one, but the comic book ads were always memorable. The ones that especially stuck in my brain were for Sea Monkeys (history's greatest advertising con) and cakes like twinkies, which as a non-American were, and still are, a mystery to me.

    1. If you like mail order ads like Sea Monkeys, there is an amazing book called Mail Order Mysteries by Kirk Demarais who runs

      Oh my! You've never enjoyed a yellow spongecake with an injected creme filling? Oh, you're so missing out!

    2. Thanks for that link. Great blog! I loved the parody ad for "Sea Baboons" - perfect!!

      Ah yes, apparently I have missed out! Twinkies sound so appetizing! ;) Justine and Pensive Pumpkin have been trying to educate me on US snack foods. I had no idea that a Tootsie Roll was candy, and Peeps... well, lets just say I was thinking more along the lines of pervert than marshmallow! So much to learn! Haha.