Dec 7, 2011

13 Days of Creepmas - Santa Steps Out

Originally released in 2000, Robert Devereaux's Santa Steps Out is most certainly a book you'll never forget reading. Whether it's throwing it down in disgust, needing to bleach your brain after reading it or because you're a twisted individual, like myself, that really enjoys such things.

This is one seriously twisted tale! It's like Clive Barker writing a Dear Penthouse letter. I couldn't possibly give you a better summary than this one from Amazon:

"(Santa) His generosity is legendary. He has a devoted wife, a crack team of sky-borne reindeer, hordes of industrious elves, and the love of good little boys and girls around the globe. But what unholy desires now propel him into the lascivious clutches of a certain fairy? And who was he before the sleigh and workshop, in times forgotten?

(Tooth Fairy) She munches on molars, summons drowned sailors to her pleasure, and recalls, sharp as a pinprick, her life as the most savage of ash nymphs. Why then is she stuck, night after night, hovering above pillows to leave coins for gap-toothed brats? More important, how quickly can she captivate the jolly old elf to the north?

(Easter Bunny) He's huge, fluffy, lonesome, and unbearably horny. On his Easter rounds, he contrives, as often as possible, to get a grip on himself and peer into interesting bedrooms. But who in the world will throw him down and ravage him as the lovers under his gaze ravage one another?"

So there's kind of a love (or lust) triangle between Mrs Clause, Santa and the Tooth Fairy. And Tooth Fairy also has a thing with the Easter Bunny...If you couldn't tell, this one's for the Naughty list and even some adults may find it too perverse. You can't tell from all the sexy talk but there's also some horrific/violent things going on as well. Seriously, I can't even express to you what you're in for with this one.


  1. Hmm I'm a big fan of odd books I just might have to look for this one. Sounds more then a little odd. I'm currently reading "You Better Not Cry" its been pretty funny so far.

  2. OMG I friggin' love your title thing-a-bop. Very creative

  3. Thank you! I always say I know just enough Photoshop to be dangerous but not enough to do what I want on the first try!

    And since I'm not gifted with any kind of illustration talent, I have to borrow other people's stuff and slap it together :)

  4. I just can't get past the Peeping Tom Easter Bunny!! Simultaneously eww and funny!!