Dec 6, 2011

13 Days of Creepmas - Haunted Mansion Holiday

If you visit DisneyLand between the end of September and January, you may be lucky enough to experience the Haunted Mansion Holiday where Jack Skellington and crew take over the Haunted Mansion. This is one of those bucket list things that I really want to see someday. Favorite Disney ride + Favorite non-sci-fi Disney movie = awesome!


I've been to Disney World many times during the holiday season 
But Jack doesn't like Florida for some reason. 
And so unfortunately,
I must experience it virtually.

You can spoil yourself silly and read all about it here

Or you can watch a ride-thru

And you can listen to the songs which are frightfully perfect for celebrating Creepmas!

Click it
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  1. I love the "holiday" Haunted Mansion! I go every October (I live about 20 minutes from Disneyland) just to see it in all its holiday glory!

  2. Looks fabulous! If I ever get to travel to the US, this will definitely be on my to do list!