Dec 13, 2011

13 Days of Creepmas - Merry Monster Christmas

Well, it's finally here, the last day of Creepmas!
First, I want to thank some people:
Chad Savage/Cult of the Great Pumpkin for being the black powder to my spark, creating the Creepmas site and getting the word out that this was a thing.

Tom Krohne, who immediately starting whipping up Creepmas badges the moment he heard of it. He has the heart of a monster. Whether it's in his chest or a jar of formaldehyde is anyone's guess.

The 50+ bloggers that jumped on this crazy bandwagon in the short time it's been rolling. 
And if you're not one of them, thank you for reading!

You have to admit, just over 50 participants is pretty good for the First Creepmas. Whether or not any of you come back next year (oh, there will be a next year!) you hold a special place in history, wear it proudly! If I had the money, I'd get shirts or trophies made for all of you.

With that, I humbly place upon the Creepmas altar the final offering of the season.
And apologies if someone else posted much to keep track of!
A Merry Monster Christmas is another fun novelty album from around 1964.
Click below to dump out the rest of your bloody stocking...

Merry Creepmas to all and to all a good fright!


  1. I sure hope there is another one next year... can I sign up now?

  2. Thanks for the Creepmas brainwave!! A Merry Creepmas to you!!

  3. I have really enjoyed this Creepmas - so many creative posts and I haven't seen a post that was the same. It's been really fun! Thanks to you guys that started this up... can't wait for next year!

  4. Thanks for having me! It was fun and helped get me in the spirit! Merry Creepmas!

  5. Oh there will be a next year! We all had to much fun to let this go. Keep up the good work and thanks again for everything you did. Happy Holidays.

    PS do you think Tom or Chad could make a badge for our blogs letting people know we where some of the first to take on Creepmas?? Just a thought.

  6. this was a lot of fun--discovered some very cool blogs to follow. will definitely do it again next year! thanks for the opportunity!

  7. I got so much out of Creepmas - not just discovering a ton of new blogs and wonderful people, but I actually like a holiday I never thought I would once I began researching the origins of our modern winter observances. Who knew it was full of so many ghosts, witches, monsters and even a zombie skeleton horse!?

    Many thanks to all!

  8. It's really amazing when you start digging into the "why" behind a lot of our American holiday traditions. Almost all of it goes way back past the time of organized religion.

  9. It was a total blast! Going into it I had no idea that I would learn as much as I laughed. It became the topic of the day in our house. I can't wait until next year. I have a notebook started on the things I want to do. The best thing was finding such a great community of bloggers. Happy Creepmas everyone!