Nov 7, 2011

Mail Order Monday - Black Dragon Fighting Society

First off, let me welcome all the new folks that found us during the Countdown to Halloween! Things will be getting back to "normal" least for the next few weeks until Creepmas gets here.
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Count Dante? The only time I've ever heard the title Count used is when talking about European royalty or vampires. And it sure doesn't seem like a title you'd want to use if you're the Deadliest Man Alive. You'd probably go with Master or even no title with a single name just to show what a bad Mo Fo you are. Come to think of it, Dante isn't very intimidating on its own either...

Black Dragon Fighting Society? Doesn't exactly sound right. Society sounds a bit civilized and again brings me back to the European thing, maybe even sitting around sipping tea and having a lovely chat. I bet you would never have watched a movie with Brad Pitt called Fight Society, would you? Heck even without an unintentional pause it could sound like Black Dragon is Fighting Society. What did society ever do to Black Dragon?

I also noticed it says he got his title in 1967. The ad was printed in 1975. Wouldn't you have to keep competing to maintain the title? Or it it like Mr. President where people still have to call you that even after you're no longer in office?

The small print on the order form is hard to read, but for just a quarter (to cover S&H) you can get a brochure (not even a full catalog?!) of BDFS books, supplies and equipment. And for ordering early, you'll get that snazzy BDFS Identification Card. So all you have to do is send them a quarter and you can flash that card around to let people know you're a Black Dragon Fighting Society...member. At least until the playground bully decides the card is cool and takes it from you.

Freaky! The same day I posted this, Kirk over at Secret Fun Spot posted about someone who got Count Dante tattooed on them-self! Kirk has a book out about comic mailaway ads. It's called Mail-Order Mysteries: Real Stuff from Old Comic Book Ads!

As a gag, I went to Amazon and searched for BDFS and was shocked to find this. If you read the book's description, it seems like Count Dante did a lot of self-proclaiming...

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