Nov 1, 2011

Countdown to 10/31 - Day 365

That's right, kids. We are an entire year away from Halloween thanks to a leap year next year...stupid extra day keeping the calendar straight.

I got to see a few Trick or Treaters last night. Our street is off of a street that is off of the main street so we don't get much traffic. While driving into Salem, I did see groups of kids along the way and that was great. I'm never sure how to judge the state of Halloween based on my street alone. This little girl lives in our neighborhood and frequently came by with her mom during the month to visit our giant inflatable black cat in the yard. She was so obsessed that her mom bought the half sized version for their own yard.

(L to R) Me, my cousin, and my partner in spooking
We arrived and got to spooking some people! The crowd this year didn't seem as big as it usually is but I'm guessing it's because it was a Monday night. We also went on Sunday night and there were people there but nowhere near what I've come to expect the day before Halloween. We still had a lot of fun, spooked some people and had lots of pictures taken. It bothers me a bit that so many people stop to take a photo of, or with, me and I'll never get to see them. I'd love to assemble an album of my photos with other costumed people. I try handing out business cards with my email address but most of the time, they don't send them. Plus, it's hard for me to carry them around all night.

Up until a few years ago, I always felt a sense of PHD (Post Halloween Distress) when the costume comes off at night. I used to never feel I did enough in October to celebrate: not enough horror movies, not enough Halloween records, just not enough...Halloween-ness in general. But a few years ago, I figured it out. The reason I was feeling this way is, unconsciously, I celebrate Halloween all year round. I watch horror movies all the time. I read horror. My iPod is loaded with horror themed bands. Heck, there's even some proper Halloween songs on there that "normal" people would think I was weird for listening to at any other time of year. Yes, I love Halloween!

Anyway, I feel I'm being a bit long winded with this post. Thank you again for visiting my blog. We had almost 2500 hits this month! Also, thanks for interacting with me, whether through comments, Twitter or email. Without the internets, I'd be one crazy person celebrating Halloween all year long. Now, I can be crazy with a bunch of other people. And if everyone's doing it, we can't all be crazy, right?


  1. Thanks for the great posts! I always feel the same, like I should have done MORE! But, horror can be enjoyed all year long. And October will be here, again...

  2. I'm trying to imagine you giving out business cards with those giant hands. :) I know what you mean - there are probably 50 people with photos of themselves posing with my Ghostbuster friends! They'll never see those pictures either.

    You shouldn't feel too much PHD this year, because you are now able to read a bunch of other Halloween blogs year round! Yeah, we can't all be crazy. :)

  3. I;m right there with ya, think I'll keep the Jack O' Lantern lit all year long...

  4. I will be one of the crazies and celebrate with you. Nice costume!