Nov 23, 2011

A Few of My Favorite Muppets

Muppet Domination starts today! With all the glowing reviews I've read about the Muppet Movie I'm about as excited as could be to hopefully see it this weekend.

To continue on with our Muppetational posts this week, here's a few of my favorite Muppets. I can't bring myself to do something so callous as rank them in any kind of order.

Favorite Non-English Speaking: Swedish Chef
This is also one of my favorite skits ever. I don't know what it is about Pancho Villa lobsters, but I love em!

Favorite Not a Shrimp: Pepe (Pepino Rodrigo Serrano Gonzales) the King Prawn
Maybe I just have a thing for crustacean Muppets with accents, okay? Although a relative newcomer from 1996, Pepe became a quick favorite.

Favorite Creepy Muppet: Uncle Deadly (aka The Phantom of the Muppet Show)
He hasn't had much screen time, but what he has had always leave me wanting more.

Favorite Musical Muppet: Marvin Suggs
Hitting things on the head with humorous effect = comedy gold

Favorite Weirdo/Stuntman: Gonzo
How can you not love Gonzo? He always puts himself out there, emotionally and physically.

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