Nov 4, 2011

Countdown to Creepmas

Chad Savage has started a website for the cause: Creepmas: A Celebration of the Hallowdays
So stay tuned there for all your Creepmas news and updates!


Hey there, Halloween fiends. 

Are you horrified by seeing Christmas lights in stores weeks before Halloween? 

Are you disturbed when the Halloween merchandise is removed from the seasonal section to make way for Christmas days before Halloween?

Are you tired of Christmas intervening on your holiday?

Do you delight in seeing the kids in Nightmare Before Christmas being tormented by spooky gifts?

If so, step right up and let me introduce you to...Creepmas!

What is Creepmas? 
Every year, Christmas makes its way into stores earlier and earlier and I say it's time we have retribution! Creepmas should be an in-between celebration mixing (or mangling) elements of Christmas with Halloween and/or horror but not necessarily gory.
Sort of like Nightmare Before Christmas.
Artist Chad Savage recently tweeted: "The incursion of Christmas into Autumn has me seriously considering leaving my Halloween yard decor up until January. Christmas scarecrows!" Shortly thereafter, he tweeted again saying his awesome wife gave the thumbs up to keeping the scarecrows out.

When is Creepmas?
Open for discussion. But I am thinking since Krampus is celebrated during the first two weeks of December, that it could be December 1st - 13th. 13 Days of Creepmas has a nice ring, no?

Who or what is this Krampus of which you speak?
You can read about his history here

Why are you telling me?
I want to enlist the online community (that's you) to help make Creepmas a "thing." Any Seinfeld fan can tell you that the show's fictional holiday, Festivus, caught on with people and has even had books published about it.

What can I do?
Whatever you want, get creative!
Make zombie gingerbread men!
Dress as zombie Santa!
Mashup something artistic (this is a great example)
Come up with some aspect of Creepmas mythology (every holiday has a story)
Decorate in a holly jolly horror way
Spread the word, the morgue the merrier!

What else should I know?
Let me say, this is not intended as a mean spirited, religion bashing, hate mongering project. You probably know that, but I have to put it out there. If you want to participate in Creepmas in any way, we can start a blog list similar to Countdown to Halloween to keep track of us. If you're still reading this far in, you're probably at least a little interested. I really want Creepmas to be a collective thing so if you have any thoughts/ideas about any of it, drop a comment below.


  1. Krampus rocks!! Creepmas needs a giveaway from my blog count me in!!

  2. You beat me to the punch! Not only am I in, I'll create the graphics for it and set up the website (that's what I do for a living anyway), if you're game? Email me at to discuss further!

  3. Sign me the F up!!! My boyfriend refuses to take me to Menards around this time of year because I do obscene things to all the xmas decorations that I find on the shelves before Halloween is through.

    "How horrible our Christmas will be!"- Mayor of Halloween Town

  4. Sounds great to me!

  5. Per my #4 on my "10 Halloween Things That Should Exist But Don't" post, THANK you for coming up with this.

    I'm on board.

  6. How fun! Definitely count me in! :]

  7. I was gonna do something like this anyway. I wrote a status update at one point on my Fb about how I wanted to make Ginger Dead Men instead of presents because I am tired of the mainstream Christmas BS. So yeah, I'm totally in. Sign me up. :)