Aug 10, 2011

Star Wars Wednesday - I Wish I Had

Sticking with last week's Bantha Tracks newsletter theme, here's a couple scans of items that were exclusive to the Star Wars Fan Club. The scans originally came from a site called Artoo's News.

I can't tell you how badly I wanted this jacket when I saw it. I mean, how cool would it be to have Luke's jacket? What's that you say? Not as cool as having Han's vest? Well, I can't argue with that! The vest wasn't made available until after Return of the Jedi...and yes, I wanted it more!

Bantha Tracks #11, 1981 (Click to Enlarge)

This next pair are things I would get if I could hop in the Wayback Machine and order them. At the time, I had plenty of Star Wars patches and posters so these weren't must have items. Of course, no one knew just how rare and collectible these items would be when the name was changed from Revenge to Return.

Bantha Tracks #18, Feb 1983 (Click to Enlarge)
Do you have any childhood items you always wanted and never had?
Or managed to find years later?

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