Aug 22, 2011

Mail Order Monday - Write Thrilling Love Letters

Ad from 1954. Click to enlarge
There's no way these ad writers could have imagined in almost 60 years that letter writing would pretty much go the way of the dodo. And they would probably be horrified to know that we tend to convey our messages in 140 characters or less using our mobile phones. Devices that you can use to actually talk to someone instead of sending abbreviated messages which use a language all their own. Heck, sexting just recently made its way into the Oxford English Dictionary.
A lot of the things they mention don't even sound like things you'd do in a letter. Make a date? Propose? I can't imagine any girl would want to be proposed to by letter. Of course, the extent of my love letter knowledge is from grade school: "Do you like me? yes  no"

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