Apr 21, 2015

Nothing But Star Wars!

Even though I didn't attend Star Wars Celebration this weekend, I couldn't help but be overwhelmed with all the news that came out of it. More specifically, the trailers. We got a new one every day!

The Force Awakens trailer blew up the internet like a proton torpedo into a thermal exhaust port with 88 million views in its first 24 hours! I know it had me like...


I'm trying to stay as spoiler free as possible, only letting myself take in what's officially released but that's almost impossible in this day and age. If you want to sling theories in the comments, you're more than welcome.

TFA_Vader helmet

The Force Awakens has some Wookiee sized shoes to fill...if they wore shoes. Bigger even than any of the prequel movies because this is the one that involves the characters that us long time fans are so invested in. And from what I've seen it looks like it's on track to deliver.

The one thing this movie has to do for me above all else is feel connected to the Original Trilogy. The first time I walked out of Phantom Menace I was wondering what I just saw because it looked like Star Wars but it didn't feel like it. That would eventually change after a few more viewings and figuring out that it was a different kind of Star Wars.


Vader's helmet and Anakin's/Luke's lightsaber are iconic, even legendary, items in the Star Wars mythology. How do they come back into the story? My guess is probably wrong, but I'm wondering if the forest we see Kylo Ren (the red saber wielder in the teaser trailer) is actually Endor and he gets Vader's helmet from where his body was burned. And I can't wait to hear how Luke's first lightsaber was recovered. If you take a look at the hand above on the right, it doesn't look quite human.

Speaking of Luke...


I've seen more than a few people mentioning how Luke, assuming this is him, now has an all mechanical, glove-less hand. To me, it looks like the hand might have been damaged. There are a couple shots showing either lots of fire or volcanic activity like this.
Are we going back to Mustafar?


BB-8 seems poised to be this new group's R2-D2. He's already garnered a lot of fan attention. I know I've got a lot more respect for him after seeing this video which shows that yes, he is a 100% physical thing. Later this year, we'll be getting an iOS remote controlled toy version and he'll start appearing in Disney parks.

December can't get here soon enough, but there's a few things to hold us over until then. In case you missed them, here are links to the other big trailers that were unleashed over the weekend.

There was also a fan-shot video of the trailer for Star Wars Anthology: Rogue One which you might still be able to watch here. The first, non-Skywalker related movie is going to be about stealing the Death Star plans that eventually end up with Leia.

I'm all for new movies in the Star Wars galaxy but I don't want them to make the same mistake the former continuity did and try to give us the back story for everything. It will probably be great, but I'd love to see stories not even remotely tied to the Skywalker saga.
It's a big galaxy out there, show it to us!



  1. Its going to be a great movie when it hits!...Hopefully because am ready to like Star wars again.

    1. Have you been watching the new animated series, Rebels? I"m loving it so far!

  2. I love the image of Darth Vaders helmet! So far,this looks like its going to be just fine. Gulp at least I hope so!

    1. Yeah, it's kind creepy like his skull is still in it!

  3. My brain cannot handle too much more... waiting. I have to make it past AVENGERS... than this is on my mind next I think....