Dec 19, 2012

Classic Favorites Halloween Bobbleheads

Here's a couple of cool bobbleheads I picked up post-Halloween on clearance for $2 each! 
You can see all the Classic Favorites line at Entertainment Earth, unfortunately, they're all back up to regular price now. I grabbed these two because I liked them best.
They each stand about 7" tall.

classic favorites halloween scarecrow bobblehead

Although he's not one of the more vibrant in the line, I have a thing for pumpkin-headed people, even if it's only a scarecrow and not a real person. But there's always that chance that it'll come to life! I blame this obsession on Disney's Headless Horseman.

Next is the very dapper, Bone Daddy!

classic favorites halloween skeleton bone daddy bobblehead

This guy was a must have! He ready to party with his cufflinks, walking stick, and matching bow tie and cummerbund (and I just learned that's an alternate spelling for cumberbund).

Here are side shots of the box they come in. I really like the graphics on them, it just adds to the fun factor. The graphics one the right would make a nice Halloween card, without the words of course. I'm kinda kicking myself now for not getting the vampire and witch when they were only $2 apiece. The "Goth" costumed ones were an easy pass though.
Ok, the Goth Vampire isn't horrible.

classic favorites halloween bobblehead box


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