Dec 6, 2023

Plunderlong 8-Ball Figure

 It has been so long since the Plunderlong/Plnuderstrong Kickstarter ended that I forgot which figure I had picked! This guy washed up on my doorstep last week.

In addition to 8-Ball, I also order the "Leather Crate" which probably sounds a lot more kinky than it is. The figure also came with this cool (and heavy!) two-sided golden coin. Let's bust him out!

8-Ball comes with two bundles of dynamite, two sets of hands, three heads, a helmet, and a torch. I had some trouble swapping the heads and had to put him under a hair dryer for a bit. To be fair, Lone Coconut had mentioned this in a project update. Now that I've gotten off the head he shipped with, I'm a little shy about fully plugging one on there in case it gets stuck. It doesn't seem to make much difference if the head rests on the neck and you'd only notice it if you were moving the figure around.

When I went to swap out the right hand, the whole arm came off. It's designed to be detachable so that you can remove his vest but it just doesn't seem to sit in the socket like it should. If you try to pose the arm, about 75% of the time it will come loose. Again, not a huge deal because this guy is just going to posed on a shelf with the other figures I have.

Now you can see why they call him 8-Ball.

Let's crack open the Leather Crate. I probably should have take a better photo of the crate to show off all the contents...

This purple head mask is the main reason I got the crate. It just looks cool and swashbuckl-y. The crate includes three sets of hands and cuffs (which are separate pieces), the purple mask, a hat, a belt, and a bandolier. And, of course, everything is interchangeable with other Plunderlings.

 The hat is pretty sweet too. There's a lot of detail going on with all the little doo-dads sticking in the top.

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